Saturday, 10 August 2013

Defining Career Goals by: Cheryl Wilms

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Are you currently doing what you love in your life and being compensated for it? Well, if you are, Congratulations. If you are not, you are not alone. So many people go to work everyday and do it solely for the paycheck  Many people don't mind their jobs, but can't exactly say they love it. Then there are people who dread going to work every single day and do it just for the money. 

Is that really what we want our goal to be? Do we want to say that we did something that we did not like doing for the majority of my life but am glad that I did because I had money? Or would your much rather say that I did something that I loved every day of my life and I got paid for it too? Now, I've been told that is not realistic and not to be ridiculous. In fact, I've been told that is just the way life is and it is time to deal with it. That is just silly talk. 

So to define your own career goals, we first have to ask ourselves what we would love to do every day and get paid for it too. Make sure you do not put any limitations on what it would be. Do not say to yourself, oh but I cant do that because of..... Just play the game and there are no rules. You must allow your imagination to run wild and let in the infinite possibilities. 

Have you identified what you would do if there was nothing stopping you and you could get paid large amounts of money to do it? What is it? Write it down. Now that you know what you want, answer this: why cant you do it? What is stopping you from doing it? Is there a law that says you cant do it? No? 

Well you now have to identify all of your hurdles that you can think of why you are not able to do what you wish you could. Yes, there may be hurdles you are not aware of, but lets start with the ones you can identify first and we will deal with those when they arise. After you have identified those hurdles, brainstorm what possible solutions or alternate routes you could take to overcome those hurdles. Does this goal seem easier to reach now? 

OK, so is there anyone else on this planet that doing that right now? I bet you there is. Who is it? How did they do it? Is there a book about them at the library? If you want to do what you love that badly, you will look into achieving it. If you do not want it badly and you are content with where you are, then you can stay there, but please note that you have free will to do it, even if you do not think you do. The only requirement is for you to go after it, FedEx is not going to deliver it to you. 

It is up to us to discover our purpose and our passion in order to accurately define our career goals. Go and make it a reality because you owe it to yourself to be happy with how you are spending your time on this planet.

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