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Start Every Day With Self Renewal

Throughout our busy work day, whether running a home business, working 9 to 5, being a stay at home mom or dad, or even a combination of one or two of these scenarios, there is often a lack of planned down time.

Now you may be saying I do take coffee and lunch breaks, or I run to the gym after work, or I watch some
 television, while the kids nap, but do you schedule time to do nothing. 

Often, it is hard to feel refreshed and relaxed when we add even more activity to our already busy lives. Most times just a little shift in our daily routine is all that is needed.

Consider starting your day with a few minutes of silence when you first awaken, instead of turning on the radio or
 television or logging onto the internet.

Take the time to be consciously aware of the silence, to gaze out the
 window at nature, to observe a bird, hopping around dew covered grass, digging up his early morning treat.

Marvel at a beautiful sunrise as the slanted rays of light, burn up the atmosphere and signal the start of another day.

Allow your mind to wander and think of something fun to do this weekend, give yourself something to look forward to, perhaps something you are passionate about, which will re-energize your spirit.

I encourage you to take yourself away from your normal routine, time to be silent, to let your thoughts drift, to feel every muscle in your body start to relax, close your eyes, smile and cherish these moments.

Starting your day with a few minutes of relaxation and reflection will lead to a better frame of mind, resulting in a more productive and meaningful day.

To start yourself on a journey of daily self-renewal, create a list of
 questions to ask yourself and to reflect on, even if you do not know the answer immediately.

Give yourself something to ponder about, I promise the answer will come to you and will have an impact on your lifestyle.

To help you
 get started, consider these questions and then add your own personalized questions.

1. What do I count as blessings in my life right now?

2. What am I really committed to right now?

3. What am I passionate about?

4. What can I do today to be a better person, leader, family member?

5. What
 opportunities do I have today to connect with people and inspire them?

6. What in my life, my
 relationships have I taken positive action on?

As you answer these
 questions, also reflect on the how your answers make you feel. How does taking positive action make a difference in your life?

How empowering will you feel by inspiring others? A simple note or a few words of encouragement or even just a smile may make a dramatic change for someone in your life and it is absolutely free.

By giving yourself the gift of self-renewal, you will find yourself having the energy to get through your work time more efficiently, while relaxed and clear-headed.

Once this daily routine becomes a habit, consider taking time for regular breaks from your work routine throughout the year, with a weekend retreat, an entire week
 vacation or perhaps a one day adventure.

Do something out of the ordinary. Rather then always taking your car and driving, try a train ride to your destination or a cruise to nowhere.

Once you let your imagination take over, the possibilities are endless!

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