Saturday, 25 May 2013

Life, The Greatest Ride of All

Life is the greatest roller coaster ride we will ever take. The ups and downs, the unexpected changes, the twists and turns, are all a part of living. The roller coaster ride of life can be miserable and uncomfortable or exciting and rewarding. Our states of mind and body are key factors in how we handle these changes. The problems of life do not go away magically. We have to consciously work on making our lives more positive and joyful. 

Once in an ENCHANTED SELF workshop, one woman related a story about her Thanksgiving dinner. She had recently suffered a painful and unexpected break-up with a boyfriend. Although she was experiencing grief, she had a strong inner desire to reclaim her sense of self and move forward with her life. 

It was interesting to hear her speak about the family meal. As she looked around at her extended family seated at the table, she became filled with love and felt the love reflected back towards her. It was then that she made a conscious choice to stay focused in the moment, to remain in a loving state and to share that love with those around her. 

There were some inner struggles during the course of the evening because Thanksgiving held poignant memories for her involving her ex-boyfriend. When these memories surfaced, she deliberately chose to put them aside. After the family gathering, she confidently exclaimed, "I won!" 

Her conscious decision to remain in a positive state of being, coupled with the feelings of love that she felt toward everyone, were the most critical factors in staying focused in the moment. She had triumphed because she did not succumb to feelings of depression and pity. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she clicked her heels and said, "there's no place like home," she realized that the things she was searching for -- strength, love and happiness--could be found in her "own backyard." 

The support and love that comes from our family and friends, as well as the inner strength we develop when we get to know and accept ourselves, was right there. 

We will always tussle with dark thoughts and the negative sides of our personalities. Sometimes there will be unpleasant events in our lives, but we can choose not to let these things invade our sense of self-dignity and worth. When we make conscious choices about how we will respond to difficult situations, we feel empowered. For that moment we are in charge of our destiny. Nobody ever said that achieving positive states of mind and body was easy, but then again nobody ever said it was hard. It's a matter of focusing on the positive, and self-education. 

Positive memory retrieval is the tool that enhances our ENCHANTED SELF journey. Reaching a positive state of inner and outer harmony is the essence of THE ENCHANTED SELF. One way of reaching this state is to give love and support to our selves and to others. Let's make this year a year of growth, peace, harmony and shared optimism. 

Exercise: Heightening Our Experience of Pleasure 

This exercise is designed not only to help you remember and validate positive aspects of your past, but to emphasize the need to stay more attentive to positive happenings in the present that may precipitate pleasure. 

Were there moments in your childhood when you felt particularly happy? These moments can be from any age -- from your earliest memories through young adulthood. When you find a golden memory, savor it. See yourself at that age and experiment with letting different senses reconnect to that happy time. 

� What was going on at that moment? 

� What were you feeling inside? 

� How did your body feel? 

� Were there any aromas? 

� How did things look around you? 

� How were you acting? 

� What was the weather like? 

� What was the scenery like? 

� Were you with anyone? 

� What was it like to be with that person? 

Take time to really enjoy this happy memory. Now scan your memory bank and the most recent past to see if you can think of one thing that you enjoyed doing in the last week. Give yourself permission to relive through your memory that pleasant time. Again, use all of your senses to reconnect you with that wonderful experience.

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Going Beyond The Law Of Attraction

Our mind is in a constant dialogue with itself, sending out messages that will create our living experience according to our present perceptions. This mental chatter is our consciousness deciding whether or not we should have this or that, whether to run to or from, whether to think this or that, and what we are going to do next.
Our brain is incessantly working, the complex organic electric signals generated by our inner self, even when we are dreaming. What we perceive now as true and good for us, is instantly converted into a powerful energy.
This force will support all actions, people and experiences, for what we think, at this very moment in time, are our personal needs or desires. And le voilĂ , we sent out our message into the cosmos. These thoughts are a powerful energy that will seek out and connect us with a similar, complementary twin force. This is what we call The Law of Attraction.

Did you ever stop to think about all the people, incidents and experiences that have come into your life? People come into your life for "a reason, a season and a lifetime", says the old prayer. But, why?
This doesn't happen by sheer coincidence. In this instance, you have to look beyond the Law of Attraction for the reason. Someone is in your life because you have expressed, either consciously or subconsciously to yourself, a need or a wish.
In our ever-evolving society, even the most timid, reserved or reclusive person has someone or something connecting with him or her every day. Whether it is by telephone, Internet, fax, or direct contact, people are coming into our lives, creating for us a new living experience every moment, every day. With these connections, we are constantly creating and recreating our own reality with every thought and action we take.
This is how the Law of Attraction works. Be very careful here and pay good attention to your thoughts—this power doesn't discriminate. It will bring to you exactly what you had in mind then, be it good or bad. The Law of Attraction will bring everything you wish for into your life. Just for you, a vast supply of the most incredible gifts are stored there, in the "warehouse" of the universe.
Good and bad, heaven and hell, neatly stored for you to choose from and take home. The perception you have of yourself, be it conscious or unconscious, is the guide and the roadmap with which this universal force will match up and populate your life. Just remember, this reality will change every time you change your perceptions, as will the world around you.
 For some people this principle is somehow frightening! They are usually people who are not even aware that their perceptions are of the negative kind. Life for them looks like a lovely movie going bad all of a sudden. All that they consciously wanted, needed, or desired was a good husband/wife, a great job or a good place to live.
What did they get? A moronic, abusive, disgusting partner, or a boss who is a bully… and let's not mention the living conditions!
What went wrong?
People living this kind of nightmarish reality seem to be still attached to perceptions from a past that is no longer healthy and fulfilling for them. Very often, they perceive themselves as the "bad boy" or "bad girl" that their parents often told them they were. They are often moody, distant and lacking in self-confidence. 
They haven't yet been able to detach from their early perceptions inflicted on them by parents, friends, companions, or the system. If you find yourself in this predicament, get out of there fast! A simple test is to look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I love myself." What did you get back, a beautiful smile or resistance?
You know that you are in a state of attachment when you feel that what comes out of your mouth doesn't bounce well with your heart; or that when you do your daily affirmations, there is a sense of panic and a need to control your thoughts.
Being detached is being non-resistant, transforming panic into peace of mind. In this state of mind you allow life to flow normally, positively and peacefully. It is only in this state that you can create the reality you truly desire. You maximize the power of your mind and align yourself directly with the energy source, thus quickly manifesting your desires—you went beyond of the Law of Attraction.
This cosmic force and energy is not there to judge or suggest a different path for you. It accepts your thoughts and wishes as law. When you know, understand, and live your life as one universal mind, detachment comes easily and you'll see and create your world quite differently.
A good exercise is to start your day with positive affirmations. You will immediately find out if you are still attached to old perceptions or not. Work on it! When you feel good and positive about yourself, the path for your positive energy is open, and the planet and your community succeeds.
Now that you have learned how to build the emotional foundation for positive living, life becomes quite enjoyable. You can now move on and be the teacher, support and friend other positive people want so much to connect with.
Have a great and happy journey,
Ton Pascal