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The Secret of Attraction: Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

Author: Laurie J. Brenner
I bet when you first watched the movie The Secret something inside of you said, 'Finally, I knew it!' Something in you resonated with how the law of attraction works. Especially when you think back to early childhood and remember when you wanted something badly enough, it seemed to come your way, somehow or another. It was as if, as a child, you knew the secret of attraction and making the law of attraction work.
The part that most people get confused about the secret of attraction is that they think all they have to do is think once about something they want and that's it. They think that making the law of attraction work happens by simply changing your thoughts.
What most people don't understand about making the law of attraction work is that the law of attraction doesn't respond to your thoughts.
The secret of attraction works in response to your vibrations.
Heck, you've been around people who put out 'bad vibes.' You don't want to be anywhere near them. It's as if they bring you down with their negativity. And generally, when you listen to them, all they do is complain about stuff.
Hmm, are we seeing a pattern here?
The Secret of Attraction: Law of Attraction Basics
Science tells us that we are made of energy. In fact, it tells us that everything is made of energy.
This energy vibrates. You've seen pictures of atoms. At the center is a nucleus that operates in similar fashion as the sun does to the planets in orbit around it. Orbiting around the nucleus of an atom are electrons. These microscopic bits are always moving or 'vibrating.'
The secret of attraction is what powers the movement and vibration within you. It is all about what you focus on with thought AND emotion. When you visualize or daydream and picture yourself in a certain scenario with great emotion - it will happen to you in some form or another. Maybe not exactly the way you 'pictured' it, but it will show up in your life.
Most of the time, we don't recognize when this happens.
Making the Law of Attraction Work for You
The best way to get what you want out of life is simply to be happy all the time and keep your 'vibrations' high.
In a sense, that's a ridiculous thing to say because it's almost impossible to do, especially if you are a normal human being.
On top of all this, many people don't realize that their conscious mind only represents about 10 percent of what's going on in their brains at any given moment. About 90 percent of your 'brain' activity, meaning your thoughts, comes from the subconscious part of your being.
What's down there? Unless you get therapy, you're not going to know. And most people who haven't experienced any major traumatic events in their life don't really have reason to seek therapy.
The Secret of Attraction
The secret of attraction is in your subconscious mind.
So what is in your subconscious?
Think of your consciousness like a hard drive. This includes both the conscious and subconscious parts of your being. When you drop into the planet as a child, your hard drive is clean, with a few security programs in place. In other words, it's set up to protect you automatically - only there's one problem - it doesn't know the good stuff from the bad stuff and often reinforces programs that harm you, when it thinks it's doing 'good.'
Up until about the age 5 to age 8, our little hard drives are busy downloading programs. These programs come to us from our parents, older siblings and other authoritative figures -- our caretakers. Unfortunately, the hard drive doesn't recognize the value of these programs; it automatically formats them to your little hard drive. Inside of these programs are locked-in viruses and issues passed on from generation to generation.
This seeds your subconscious in a unique way.
While downloading these programs, something in you either accepts or rejects them, which in turn creates a new program, oftentimes wrong in its approach to making the law of attraction work.
When I say wrong, we're talking about being impressed with programs of not enough love, lack, scarcity and limitation. Your little hard drive starts running these programs and gives you experiences to match them - which ultimately reinforces them strongly. Making the law of attraction work in the way you want to is difficult when fighting deep-seeded and limited subconscious programming.
In fact, it's almost impossible.
What you're left with by the time you're an adult is a bunch of programs running your life - and all based upon ideas that aren't even your own to begin with.
When you try to do something different or change your life, you end up experiencing a form of self-sabotage because deeply-seeded programming ultimately takes over, unconsciously and without your 'conscious' permission.
No matter how many positive thoughts you consciously think and feel, positive thoughts only represent 10 percent of the total activity - while the subconscious programs represent 90 percent.
Hmm, what do YOU think will win out here?
The Secret of Attraction: Reprogramming
The only solution then is to reprogram the subconscious.
The secret of attraction and making the law of attraction work is to use self-hypnosis to change these negative and virus-filled 'programs.' It's easy enough to do but it takes a little upfront work. At a minimum, it takes 21 days to break a habit - and this is how long it takes to reprogram your subconscious -- if you stay on just one topic.
If you're willing to spend a few minutes each day for 21 days - change your life and learn the secret of attraction of making the law of attraction work for you. It can be this simple.
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