Friday, 16 August 2013

The Art of Allowing and The Law of Attraction

The art of allowing in its most basic form is to visualize and think about the things that you would like to manifest and then detach yourself from the outcome. But let me be clear, I am not saying that you must be detached, and I certainly don't mean that you should quit your job, sit at home & wait to win the lottery. Be sure to understand that "the art of allowing" does not mean that you should be passive or inactive.
The art of allowing has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy or idle. When you start to practice the art of allowing, you will start to take inspired action as if it is running on auto-pilot. When you let go of your need to have anything, you are in effect lining yourself up to manifest abundance into your life. It is the detachment from the outcome of your desire that demonstrates the confidence that you have in manifesting the things that  you would like to materialise into your life.
In a sense, the art of allowing is just "a state of being" a specific frequency of appreciation that you project into the universe. It is a clear and certain confidence in knowing that all of your wants and needs are effortlessly going to be met. This frequency allows you to become a magnetic manifesting master and create your reality with certainty and clarity.
Do not mix up allowing with simply tolerating something. By simply tolerating something, you are in essence not allowing it. Tolerating & Allowing are two different ends of the spectrum. An example of toleration is when you come across a situation that bothers or disturbs you and then you consciously decide that you are not going to do anything to stop  or change the situation. Tolerating something would make you feel negative emotion, and you cannot experience the joys of freedom when you have negative emotion.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, and that you will manifest the things that you focus on into your reality. By placing emotion behind the thoughts of things that you do, or do not want to manifest you are giving the thought or idea more power and momentum.   If you say YES or NO to something with emotional content, you will attract more of that into your life, because that is what you are focused on and it is backed up with emotional force.
The Art of Allowing can be challenging to learn and apply, especially when we have learned to judge almost everything in our lives. In order to allow the things that you want flow to you effortlessly, you would be well served to allow others to focus on the things that they want, even if you do not agree with it. When you gain an understanding of these principles and put them to use on a conscious level, you put yourself in a place of non-resistance and open up the door of manifesting your hearts true desires.