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The 7 Deadly Beliefs by: John Barzallo


Beliefs are an important part of everyone’s life because they define an individual’s personality. They play a very important role in determining a person’s ability to achieve success. Beliefs are like sub conscious thoughts and thus, they form the foundation of your mental programming. If you have positive beliefs, they can take you a long way in life. However, exactly the opposite is true for negative beliefs. The negative or self-limiting beliefs cripple your chances of achieving success and stunt your personal growth. 

Your limiting beliefs may be due to society, growing up experiences, parental and peer pressure, coping mechanisms and several other reasons. A large number of people limit themselves in some way or the other by harbouring negative beliefs. 

This report will examine each of the 7 deadly beliefs that can hold you back. At least one of these is responsible for any lack of success you feel. But which one? Let’s take a look at each of them briefly here. Each of the 7 subsequent posts will analyse them in detail, so you can overcome and break through to the success you’ve always wanted. 

Belief 1: Believing that Poverty is synonymous to virtuosity and that all successful (rich) people are evil several people who fail to make it big usually label the rich and successful as evil and associate poverty with virtuosity. This is a case of blaming the affluent for your sorry state of affairs. Such a negative belief will restrict your financial growth. Several rich people are generously charitable and good human beings. You need to overcome this belief to pursue your financial goals. 

Belief 2: Believing that money is a corrupting power of people's good values another negative belief that is damaging to your financial success is that money is responsible for corrupting people’s good values. When you have such a belief, you sub consciously program your mind not to make the most of opportunities that will bring in wealth. Your mind will perceive wealth as a negative stimulus. You must get rid of this self-limiting belief to be able to attract wealth in your life. 

Belief 3: Believing that you are not clever, educated, brave enough 

This belief stems from having a low self-esteem. They are irrational and damage your self-confidence. When you don’t consider yourself worthy of a challenge or opportunity, you sub-consciously accept defeat even before trying. Constantly underestimating yourself can have severe repercussions on your personal as well as professional life. 

Belief 4: Believing that No one will help you The cause of this belief is usually due to distorted images of self and others and is thus, a little more difficult to solve than other negative beliefs. It could be due to superiority complex, inferiority complex or simply distrust of others. This belief not only cripples your chances of success but also damages your social life. 

Belief 5: Believing that you will be rejected/not liked by people 

Everyone likes being loved and adored, but it is wrong when you let it become so important that you start judging yourself based on others beliefs. You start giving undue importance to others opinions and stray from pursuing your own goals. The belief makes you extra sensitive to criticism and becomes an obstacle in your personal growth. 

Belief 6: Believing that certain things are impossible A belief that stops you from giving your best to a situation is that certain 

things are impossible. When you label a particular task as impossible, you create a wall against it in your head. This mind set causes you to overlook potentially life-changing opportunities. You must understand that believing certain things to be impossible before you even try is a cowardly behaviour. It is an excuse for people who are not sure of their own capabilities. 

Belief 7: Believing that failure is your destiny Some people take even one failure to heart and stop trying. They start believing that failure is their destiny and no matter how hard they try, they will always be unsuccessful. You must understand that failure and success 

are both sides of the same coin; one follows the other. Instead of brooding about your failure, you should learn your lesson from it and try again without repeating your mistakes. Your destiny is not unchangeable and with hard work you can achieve a successful life. 

You may not even be aware that you harbour a negative belief that cripples your chances of success. If you are not achieving goals and are not happy with your life, you must identify your self-limiting belief and rectify it. Once you are free from the shackles of your limiting beliefs, you will be able to live a fuller and more successful life. 

All the very best of success to you 

John Barzallo

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