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Exploding Myths About Learning - Brian E Walsh

When I was a child, and a string of Christmas tree lights went out, it was my job to replace each bulb one-by-one to discover which one was burned out. To enrich our effectiveness in work or study, we need to first uncover what is obstructing our progress. We need to ensure that we are sufficiently hydrated and nourished. A person dehydrated by just five percent has a diminished cognitive ability of thirty percent. The right types of food will supply the brain with its fuel - glucose. As well, our immediate surroundings must be factored in. Things like temperature, illumination, cleanliness, acoustics, and support materials. A competitive atmosphere is built into the school format, and this discourages some who are less visual or auditory than others.

Ninety-five percent of our behaviors are automatic. They are driven by the subconscious mind, which faithfully carries out clear directives. Like computer programs, these patterns or habits are often established in early childhood, and operate flawlessly until they are changed. This can explain self-sabotage, difficulties with motivation, discipline, and attitudes.

Whether you are a student, or already in the workforce, you have a need to take in information in the most efficient manner possible. For the next few moments, suspend your belief in everything you know about how to learn. Keep an open mind to new concepts.

Some people still believe that incoming data (information) reaches the conscious mind first, and then somehow gets processed so that some of it finally reaches long-term memory. Actually, the opposite is true. Initially, all data hits the subconscious for processing. The brain's priority is survival. If the new information isn't threatening, then it is compared to existing data. If it's not needed, it is deleted. The remaining data is sorted and filtered. Some is handed off to the conscious mind for processing, and some is consigned to long-term memory. This all happens in a flash. The subconscious mind operates at 800 times the speed of the conscious mind.

Why can't people remember things when they are nervous? I am sure that you've heard of the body's reaction to threat. It's called fight-or-flight. It is typified by rapid breathing, and a diversion of oxygenated blood from the visceral area to muscles. As well, blood moves from the brain's thinking area (frontal lobes) to that part of the brain that is responsible for survival reactions (reptilian brain). Under stress, we just don't think as well.

We learn by taking in information through all our senses. The top three ways we learn is seeing, hearing, and touching. Most instructors do not think that learning through touch and movement is useful beyond the lower grades. Generally speaking, school systems cater to visual and auditory learners. Those whose principal learning mode is kinesthetic (touch, movement, experience) operate at a distinct disadvantage. This group makes up a large portion of high-school dropouts.

The concept of different learning styles goes far beyond just visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I am sure you know that most people have a dominant hand and a dominant brain hemisphere. People also have a dominant foot, dominant eye, and dominant ear. The configuration of how any one person is wired may show one of a possible 32 unique learning styles.

Occasionally, trainers instruct according to how they themselves learn. They blatantly disregard the fact that many of their learners do not share the same approach. This non-inclusive teaching can be remedied by including a number of simple measures. The use of flip charts in lieu of presentation slides is more kinesthetic. It encourages learners to pace themselves with the lesson as it progresses, rather than "reading ahead" and not listening to the instructor. Flip chart pages can be placed around the room to be used as review points. These reviews are done at the beginning of the next class, in groups of three walking around the room (kinesthetic activity). The small group format increases the chance that each student will be discussing the points with classmates whose learning styles are different. This enables new perceptions to emerge.

Born in the U.K. and raised near Montreal, Brian Walsh was a journalist and broadcaster before joining a major international company. For much of his 30-year career he was involved in human resources, specifically training.

While living in the Canadian arctic, Brian studied anthropology and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Those experiences combined with extensive international travel prepared him for working with other cultures. He was then transferred to China where he served as his company's General Manager.

After his return to North America, he elected early retirement to further his earlier interest in NLP and hypnotherapy. He returned to formal study, and within four years had achieved his Ph.D. His dissertation, which focused on accelerated learning techniques, inspired his passion and his first book, Unleashing Your Brilliance.

Dr. Walsh is dedicated to personal growth and enrichment through his books, live workshops, teleclasses, audio and video products, and his many articles. He is a master practitioner of NLP, an acupuncture detoxification specialist, an EFT practitioner, and a clinical hypnotherapist.

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Developing Your Extraordinary Mindset Opportunities - Neal_Burgis, Ph.D.

Just like artists who unleash their talent for being creative, you too can develop your own inspired creativity using the talents you have. Since your thoughts, attitudes, and expectations affect everything you do as a leader, you need to also look at your priorities as well as identify success factors for your company. Your critical goals and strategies to achieve these talents and successes are good places to begin. Experience new ways of thinking, not just about leadership, but about everything you do.

But business is business, and you want to get to the top and stay there. What do you do to make that happen? In paving your way toward becoming a better leader than you have been, the following tips are what I found for Developing an Extraordinary Mindset of Opportunities for those of you who want to become extraordinary leaders and those of you who are leaders and want to become even more
extraordinary leaders:

1. Develop Extraordinary Mindsets: Since your beliefs or the way you think produce the specific results you want, ask yourself, "Do I have a solid understanding of my game plan?" If so, begin to create attainable goals that will generate powerful results. If not, begin by writing down what you have already accomplished, and then add to that list what you want to accomplish as a business leader.

2. Develop Leadership Bench Strength: Be ready to strengthen your leadership capabilities. Tap into your natural strength areas of high performance management, articulating and implementing your vision, inspiring your people, having integrity, being accountable, as well as even more importantly, make things happen.

If you feel that some of your skills need a helping hand, build on them. Leading a team or a department is different from managing a team or a department. With that in mind, having a foundation of leadership skills on which to build gives you the opportunity to strengthen those skills when you use them and to gain other skills in the process. By integrating your new skills with the skills you already have, you are able to perform your job more effectively. It is vital that you acquire new skills that will enable you to perform effectively. Do not ignore any weaknesses you find either - work on improving them.

3. Focus your Mind: Evaluate your skills, knowledge, and competencies. Start by writing down a list of the things you have accomplished that were so exceptional that they gave you better results than what you expected. Manage your time according to your priorities. Also, when you make a decision, make sure you have both short- and long-term goals in mind. (Your legacy is also on the line here).

4. Take Control of Your Creativity: Do not analyze the reasons that something did not work to the exclusion of improving the situation so that it will work the next time. That is a waste of energy and time. At times you may need to go beyond traditional thinking when you are met with a challenge. Thinking more creatively by first brainstorming about how to solve a problem or in implementing a policy might be what is needed. Having an exchange of ideas with others can trigger the beginning of what you are looking for regarding a solution to a problem or even a new product or service that your company is looking to produce.

5. Exceptional People Skills: Have you ever wondered how some people can walk into a room full of strangers and leave with new friends and business acquaintances? This is where your interpersonal skills come into play as they are related to all of your other competencies. Look at how your skills are compared to those of Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence. (See Goleman's book entitled: Working with Emotional Intelligence as there are just too many to list here.)

6. View Obstacles as Opportunities: Do not think of the downside of what is holding you back or of how this is going to stop you from getting to where you want to go. Instead, think of obstacles as stepping stones and think of ways to get over what is stopping you. Learn to develop new ways of thinking about opportunities. You will be amazed of your improved communication skills, team-work, commitment to your work, as well as your increased organizational performance.

7. Forward Thinking: Knowing what to lead and aligning your skills with confidence and practical ideas to challenge issues with practical and creative solutions encourages the leader to think beyond the confines of traditional leadership. Since it provides you with different perspectives, your insights become unique for solving the issues at hand.

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Your Environment Shapes Who You Are Today. by: Jimm Yim

Do you believe that the people around you shaped who you are today? Who forms the environment around you? As you read this article keep on open mind and think about it later. 

Ok, first the environment around you consists of almost everything however it starts from the people who are the closest with you. When you are young, they are your parents. When you go to school, if you spend most of your time with your friends, your friends will gradually change you as well. That is one reason why it is important to get into a good school, at least the chances of mixing with the right company is higher than a lousy school in a problem neighbour. 

Other than your family members and friends, the media holds a good source of lessons to learn from. The books, magazines, newspaper, television, movies, radio and advertisements are trying to rely a message or value to the audience, you. What we want to pick up from these media is uncontrollable by anybody but you. If there was a heart-warming scene that hits your soft spot, it just reinforces your believe. In the past, smoking advertisements with actors or actresses displaying that it was cool to smoke and if you weren't smoking you are not cool. The media is actually a powerful way that can shape the country. 

Have you heard people say, like father like son or like mother like daughter? Normally, we were young innocent kids, we tend to learn things fast and we will definitely pick up at least a handful of traits similar to our parents be it from our mother or father. Personally, I have some traits from both, hopefully its more good than bad. 

Not long ago I was watching a Youtube video on Will Smith and who he was today was because his father taught him a valuable lesson when he was young. When he was young, his father tore down his store's wall and asked Will and his brothers to rebuild it. When they said it was impossible, his father replied, There was no such thing as impossible. In the video, Will Smith also mentioned that his grandmother always told him that, If you are here make sure you make a difference.

Without great wisdom and guidance from his family, I do not believe he could have been where he is today and continuing inspiring so many others in the world. 

If you would like to have fast change in your life, start changing your environment.


Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Display a Positive Attitude at Work by: Silas Reed

Work is a place where a lot of people work together. A lot of people mean the existence of a lot of individual differences because of different people with different backgrounds, traditions, customs and beliefs. This guarantees clash of ideas and thus differences among the employees. But this kind of a negative work situation of people sharing cold wars and apparent disregard for others is not at all desired. Positive attitude helps create an environment of co-existence.

Cooperation and harmony is what leads to productivity. Displaying positive attitude at work is also important for maintaining an amiable work impression.

First and foremost, it is important to avoid people who spread rumors and believe in an aggressive approach to work. People with negative attitudes should be kept at a distance or tried to be modified.

Being professional is absolutely necessary. This implies you should have the willingness to cooperate rather than retort. Making adjustments is they key to harmony. You could put this message across by instantly smiling at others, being courteous and polite in interaction and responding in a considerate manner. This would make you appear like you are willing to cooperate.

When you find your colleagues in some trouble or when they ask you for help, go ahead and try your best to assist them in coming out of the soup. You do not have to go out of your way to do so. Help them with the resources at your disposal but do not come up with a curt "no". Working together would only improve production and work situations.

When your colleagues or some employee make a request to you, it is easy to decline. But if you have positive attitude then you would easily be able to help them with it without grumbling to yourself. Do not be selfish and mean. Being positive implies to be able to co-exist with others in harmony. 

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One should also harbor positive ideas. Being creative is also important. When you come up with a new plan, or somebody else does, it is important to be encouraging and being positive and optimistic about the new project. Negative attitude like too much criticism and deciding from the onset that it is not going to work is not the right thing to do.

One should also genuinely accept suggestions from when he initiates a project. Exchange of positive ideas can lead to better productivity. When somebody else starts the project you could help them with new, useful ideas.

Being open to suggestion and criticisms is also a part of being positive at work. Some others may advice you when they see better prospects in some other plan. One should learn to keep an open mind to these suggestions. They may just help you. Don't take criticisms personally rather take them sportingly and make use of them in your work.

Displaying a positive attitude at work could mean better impression formation, better working conditions, peace and harmony and all these would lead to the company's basic motive- increase in productivity.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Would You Give Anything To Be Successful? by: Amy Twain

Others will say yes immediately without
 second thoughts and without batting an eyelash. It's easy to say that you would do anything to be successful. But really, huh?

They say that your job won't take care of you when you get sick, so better take care of your relationships and the people close to you.

Yes, you'd have awards, plaques, higher paycheck, promotion, admiration (envy even) everywhere, and some pats on the back, but after that, what? How about your health, spirituality and relationships? Will success compensate if all these will be gone or suffer?

You can't have it once, so know your priorities.

I know someone a very successful person who got promoted. But at the course of her successful career, her health suffered terribly from her ulcer-creating job. Before she turned 40, she died of cancer. In her quest to be a success, she neglected her health.

Or how about really getting famous or successful but sacrificing time for your family, friends and loved ones? For sure, you don't want to miss anything on life, right? But you can't win it all, you know.

But I'm not saying these that we should not strive to be successful at our work and be lazybones. All I'm saying is that we should at least balance every aspect of our lives--career, relationships, health, spiritual life. If something's got to give, then so be it--it's what important to you that counts.

So, if given a chance to be asked again by that million dollar question, I'd say no, way.

But of course, everything is a matter of opinions and at the end of the day, we still make our own decisions. It's just a matter of setting our own priorities and how well we can juggle every aspects of our lives and how to balance them all--and still be happy.

How about you--would you give anything to be successful?
About The Author
The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem. Click here to get more info about her Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You.

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Focus Your Mind on the Task in Hand by: Willie Horton

How you focus your mind determines your life - your success, your failure or anything in between those two extremes. And, in truth, most people lie within those two extremes, in a world that could be described as not too bad. Research shows that your ability to focus is correlated with the level of success and happiness that you experience in your life. In other words, your success and happiness are entirely in your own hands. That's both good and bad news. Good news because now you know that all you have to do is decide to do what it takes to achieve the success and happiness that the normal person could only dream of - bad news because research also proves that we, as human beings, find it practically impossible to focus our minds. 

Years of study in the field of psychology shows that, because we have become so adept at performing our routine tasks without having to focus on them, we have lost our ability innate ability to focus - even on what we decide we want to focus on - the problem being that, sooner or later, pretty much everything becomes routine. As I say, the result is that we end up focusing on nothing. Think about it - even when you're supposed to be doing something: typing a letter, writing a report, digging a hole in the road, driving your car, playing golf - whatever it is, isn't your mind constantly in a state of distraction? Even if you're not aware that you're being distracted, research proves conclusively that you're subconsciously constantly distracted from what is going on right here, right now. 

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And that's what focus is all about - focusing on what's going on right here, right now. I believe that most people get confused about the link between success and focus. Sure, you need to have a reasonable idea of what you want to achieve - in life, in business, in a relationship, on the field of play - but the primary thing that you need to focus on is what you are actually doing right at this moment in time. Put it like this. Say that you want to be a boxing champion. You only train every so often, preferring to spend your time writing about and visualizing holding up the championship trophy. And, when you finally get into the ring to face your opponent, instead of hitting him, you gaze off longingly into the middle-distance trying to catch hold of that vision of your dream. Yes, you're totally focused on your goal, but what do you think is going to happen to you - very quickly? 

When you're supposed to be training you should be doing just that. I mean 'just' that - nothing else. When you're out jogging you should be doing just that - with nothing else in your mind, just total focus on what you're doing and how it feels to be doing it. And when you're in the ring, the farthest thing from your mind should be your desired goal. Top of mind should be what you're seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting - what you're actually experiencing as a result of being completely focused. 

Focus - just like living, happiness and success - is a now thing. Whatever you want out of life, you're never going to achieve it, no matter how much visualization or goal-setting you undertake, if you don't actually do what you've got to do. Now, what does that actually mean in practice? Well, if you've decided to spend Saturday morning with the kids, the most important thing that you have to do at that moment in time is be fully with your children - normal people would be physically there and mentally somewhere else. If you decide to make a 'phone call that may just get you through to someone who can open up new opportunities for you, the most important thing that you have to do at that moment in time is lift the 'phone, dial the number, make that call - normal people put off making those calls until they end up being never made. You've got to do what you've got to do right here, right now. 

But you can't just decide to make that important call - or whatever it happens to be - if you've an adult lifetime's habit of being unfocused. I said earlier that our ability to focus is innate. We could all do it effortlessly up to the age of eleven of twelve. We've got to get back to that state of mind. It's a clear, focused and attentive state of mind - if you've young children, notice how they are totally focused, to the point of being engrossed, on what they're watching on the TV. You've got to start re-training yourself to be engrossed. Start with something simple. Now, there's no point in trying to engross yourself in your favourite TV show - research shows that your mind will wander, just as it always does. The same research undoubtedly gives us an insight into why we fall asleep in front of our favourite TV show! 

No, I mean something really simple. Why not find somewhere to sit down. When you're comfortable, close your eyes and engross yourself in what you hear. Next time, you might engross yourself in what you feel - you'll find that your body is a hive of activity! The process, which takes time, patience and commitment, involves re-tuning in to your five senses - your only way of making sense of this crazy world! That is what focus is all about - and it is that on which your happiness and success depend. 

Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Horton

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Running From the Rat Race by: Roseanna Leaton

Is it just an age thing or does it seem to you that there are more people recognizing the pit-falls of modern day materialism? I was chatting with someone earlier today whose husband had retired early because it was either that or die from stress related symptoms. She too had chosen to retire early and stated unequivocally that she does not miss her high pressured job one tiny little bit. 

Within thirty minutes of that conversation I heard another friend comment upon the difficulty of working with particular partners who only sought to benefit their own end, and did not fully comprehend the value to working together in a more giving fashion. We hear many comments about "the rat race" or it business being "cut-throat", and so on. That's not very inspiring is it? 

What does this say about how we as a community approach business? It would seem that business can all too often become a money grabbing tread-mill upon which you have to focus so hard in order to succeed that you miss out on many of the more important things in life. You can easily forget the reasons why you set out on that course in the beginning and lose sight of both enjoyment and fulfilment in the process. 

                                                         Image result for motivational pictures

It becomes easy to lose sight of the fact that in the long run we gain more from giving than receiving, besides the fact that running at break neck speed on a treadmill isn't always good for one's health and well-being. It is easily understandable that stress is an ever increasing modern day health hazard. We stress our minds and bodies by constantly doing things at a pace which does not allow us to "smell the roses along the way". We become so absorbed in seeking results that we forget about the process. 

And yet in most things in life, if you focus upon the process the results will look after themselves. Reverting to the issue of age and having a more mature mentality, perhaps one of the main learning curves of life is that of learning to decide between personal gratification and global "goodness", if you see what I mean. 

I think we all have the awareness that money doesn't automatically bring happiness, and also that the best things in life don't actually cost a dime; and yet we are tempted by these things like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Life would appear to be all about biting into those apples and discovering through first-hand experience the effects of our own actions. 

Some of us take longer to learn life's lessons than others. We learn and develop at our own pace. For many of us it is our state of health which finally gets the message through to us. High blood pressure, heart disease and most other illnesses are the messengers which tell us that it's time to step off the tread-mill, slow down and reassess our lives. We begin to question what is in fact most important to us and what really makes us feel good. 

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health and well-being. 

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Let Go, Stop Resisting by: Scott F Paradis

Do you ever just feel stuck? Is life, your life not all you had hoped? Are you struggling personally? Professionally? Is life moving fast? Too fast? Are you having trouble finding your way? Are you facing a crisis?

You have probably heard: "Buried in every crisis is opportunity." Are you looking for an opportunity now? Any opportunity? Just some relief? Well, stop searching, there is an easier way - read on...

Challenges, obstacles help us stretch and learn and grow. Every challenge, large or small, has a means to overcome evident in it (sometimes not so evident  but there still, nonetheless). What you need to surmount any and every obstacle you encounter or create is always available. Unfortunately, however, sometimes we are overwhelmed by what we encounter; sometimes we are swept up in the storm.

When facing overwhelming odds our natural human inclination is to hold on tight. We dig in. We cling. We resist the forces of change. We batten down the hatches in a storm. We attempt to defy the wind. We cling to the rocks in rushing rapids. We focus all our energy on beating back the threat when the real solution, the essential key is to let go.

The way to realize the promise of life - to fulfil your potential - is to stop putting up a fight. Stop resisting.

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Life is a kaleidoscope of change. This reality is energy in motion. Obstacles come and go, they flow together and they subside. Your resistance, your clinging holds obstacles in place. You continue to face an obstacle by freezing your own motion. As long as you resist you slow down time - the threat stays with you, because you stay with it.

The only requirement to succeed, to change the circumstances of your life, is a willingness to move on.

When you fall victim to the desire, or the need, or the fear, to cling to current circumstances you are resisting the force of change - you are resisting life itself.

The means to overcome any obstacle is always present. The energy, the strength, is available to the extent of your capacity to change, to journey on, to grow. The path of least resistance is to dissolve obstacles, reduce challenges, eliminate adversaries by going with the flow.

You need not be a solitary force against the world. You are here, in this reality, with a means, a capacity to navigate  a facility to move and a power to resist. You can linger and struggle or you can move on and create. The choice is yours. Everything is in motion - join the dance.

This reality is perpetual change. The collage is constantly reshaping itself into intricate, complex patterns and simple, beautiful designs. Sometimes the pattern forms obstacles - sometimes bridges. On this ride of your life, navigate past the obstacles; cross the bridges - go with the flow.

The purpose for your being may not be evident; it may not be plain, yet you are here - you are on the journey. You have at your command a wellspring of power - the energy of a universe in motion - move with it. Stop resisting  let go!

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

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Monday, 31 August 2015

4 Ways to Overcome Social Shyness by: Joshua Uebergang

It's tough when you find yourself in a conversation and, for whatever reason, you become paralysed and unable to speak. Not through some mental hiccup or brain freeze, but because you are afraid - deeply, pathologically afraid - of how your conversation partner will perceive you. 
Ironically, this sort of involuntary shyness is a self-fulling prophesy, as the horrible perception you wish to avoid is the very thing you end up creating about yourself in the mind of the other person. It's difficult to beat shyness, to encourage yourself to come out of your shell, but it is achievable. Here are some essential ways to deal with shyness in conversation and move toward a more open, extroverted you.


One of the most obvious signs of extreme shyness is your inability (or unwillingness) to maintain eye contact with other people in conversation. This has a compounding effect, as it decreases your confidence in your own ability to successful partake in the conversation, prompting even less eye contact, and so on. Maintaining eye contact is a great way to connect with the other person and let you know that they are interested in you.


Some shy people suffer from very obvious outward signs of shyness, such as blushing, twitching, and fidgeting that, much like the eye contact point previously discussed, tend to sap your confidence and make meaningful conversation a near impossibility. Control these physical ticks as best you can and find little things to focus your mind on when trying to converse with others. 

                                   Image result for motivational pictures


If you feel that your shyness is getting in the way of a conversation you wish to have with someone, it is perfectly appropriate to let them know you are shy, and that you may be struggling. This is often better than letting the other person draw their own conclusions, which are often that you are arrogant and aloof, rather than merely shy. Confident people are okay with their weaknesses.


Shyness, especially at the adult conversation level, often develops through an odd psychological quirk where you think your efforts are abject failures if they go completely unreciprocated. For example, if you smile and nod at someone, and they do not respond in kind, a shy person is much more likely to castigate themselves for their own failure, whereas a more extroverted person is likely to (correctly) place that blame on the other person for not wishing to interact.
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Motivation To A Better Life Is At Hand by: Cheryl Hanson

You may have a goal that is tugging at your heart, but despite your everyday tasks and issues, you never seem to find the time to tackle the steps to get you down that path. Do not give up! Many times you may be led towards doing things that will take up your time, but will not empower you to find time to move towards a better you!

It comes up often if you are working full time and as well raising kids. They are constantly needful of your time and attention, and will be a very positive form of assistance if you let them. If your kids are in school, you are in luck. Children who are in school are getting a beginning taste of how life can be better, and even more functional with learning new ideas. They understand that a new path in life starts with new knowledge.

Image result for better life
If you are tackling your goal to learn a new skill or profession, involve your children. They often can be very interested in your study, and can be a real open door for your problem solving skills as well. You may be surprised how quickly they pick up new skills, as you involve them with your process. There are things you can do with them, and that will enrich you as well as them.
                         Image result for motivation

As you take time to learn your new skill, be sure to not allow yourself to become distracted. It is important to have a day to relax and motivate yourself with simple quiet days, but take some time during the day, to bring your mind back to your studies or research for one hour. You can really problem solve these thoughts quickly when you are having a down day, and then the next time you really dedicate yourself to your tasks, you may find it easier to move forward.

An important thing to remember during your process as you grow with your new skill sets, is that you say no to new endeavors, so that you do not stretch yourself too thin. Many people today, are simply committing to too many activities and social events. It is important to stay connected, as we find strength in our social settings, but you do not have to be at every event. During your process to evolve into a new profession, a new lifestyle, you need to be kind to yourself, and let things happen at your own pace.

Do not expect immediate results, and let yourself learn. Your kids will be following your path as well, and as they watch you break down the barriers that you have built around you, or that are pushed in front you, they will see that these obstacles are not to be feared.

You can become the best person you know you already are! It is important for you to find the right information, to evolve your new mindset in a way that can be effective, and let your mind be open to these new ideas. Continue your path, commit to the change, and follow the steps one by one to a successful new you!
About The Author
You are the person you believe you are, and there should be no stopping you! As a positive motivator, I find that managing a project is a process and should be started with the best information, research and motivation to find great success.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Vivid Visions Visited by: Jesse Wade

Visiting someone can be a very healthy welcome wonder, for we may enjoy inspiring insights, facilitate new friends, enjoy edibles, convincing conversation, long laughs, delicious desserts, and overall, an enviable evening. It is, usually, a nice exciting evening!

Of course, visiting relations(if one enjoys their relations), friends(not freaky ones), neighbours(if they are not nitwits), are events we all look forward to at almost any time, regardless of our age  for, whether we like it or not, we are naturally sincere social beings.

However; there are plenty of places of all terrific types all over our pleasing planet that our sincere selves can, and would, absolutely love to locate, and sensibly spend some terrific times using our optical orbs(eyeballs) to observe, regardless of the mooch moo la we would have to part with. There are captivating cafes where we would mange to munch on all sorts of sumptuous goodies, dine on a stupendous steak, and pig-out with a piece of pie or maybe just concentrate on a cup of coffee. Plus, we may even get lucky enough to meet some new individuals who are indigenous to the area, who will tell us some local tall tales or maybe find out some facts of an antique artist, and possible of an adventurous attraction.
                      Image result for better life

And there is always the prolific possibility that we may wish to embark on additional adventures to other placating places such as a colourful vivid and forested valley with a myriad of various fabulous flowers to caress our newly embellished eyes. Then again, we may decide to drive to a sea of serenity where we would enjoy the enticing waves, with their longing lure of longevity into a fantasy of foreverness. Also enviable would be an excursion to some majestic mountains, where the surrounding scenes of scenic vistas would enhance our eyes with a precious panorama of all the beauty below.

All adventures that would endear us to others and our bodacious and beautiful earth is always a warm welcome to any hearty heart. But, every now and then, we should ask the quizzical question of how long has it been since we sincerely visited ourselves? We can, and should, find ourselves a personal solitude of serenity, meander through the pages of our mind. And maybe ask a few questions, such as:

Are we always allowing others to direct our destiny, or are we creating our own?

Are we giving our children happy and healthy hugs everyday? For it causes them to continually grow, and automatically know they can com to us in their time of need.

Are we aware that down deep within our sensible souls are the articulate answers to our everyday questions of survival?

Are we evermore educating our children on how to discover their myriad amount of tantalising talents and abilities?

How far within ourselves have we sincerely searched for the multitude of methods that are always available for us to improve our evermore evolving lives?

When did we last decide to further develop our delicate emotions by realising that we always have the ability in our bodacious brains to seek out the answers to problems, by reading good books, and thereby discovering that we do have the capabilities to control them?

Do we really realise that, no matter what amount of material and assorted assets we may own, that in order to be true to ourselves, and enjoy a deep prolific peace within, we must always remind our happy hearts that we are only bags of mostly water�(humans), and still deserve to live a long, vivid, and happy life? 

Now is the magical moment to make the deserving decision to delve deep within our cerebral cortex, actually activate the electrical and chemical synaptic connections, and tell ourselves that we are going to visit a very wonderful individual who has a pleasing personality, an attractive attitude, a sensible sense of humour, a beautiful brain, comprehensive common-sense, and of course, is good-looking. Plus, the real reality is that all we have to do in order to visit that vivacious individual, is to peer into a mirror, and there that wonderful person is! Imagine what you can do next!
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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Success Motivation: Its Role in the Achievement of Your Dreams

The term motivation is not at all strange to all of us. In fact, in every endeavor that one ventures into, the idea of motivation always tags alongside it. Motivation is literally that thing known as the extreme desire to fulfil something. But before motivation must be exercised, it is important that there is a vivid plan regarding what is to be done, how it is to be done, and what kind of result is expected to turn out.

There may be a lot of things that you wish to accomplish. But then because of the most unexpected twists and turns of the events, your dream of fulfilling something may have suddenly become blurred and unreachable. But you would not let it happen and have it stay that way, right? There is always the chance to straighten things out.

Success motivation can be said as something that inspires us to pursue whatever it is that has been planned out. Life constantly provides everyone with a definite stream of opportunities and because of the many distractions, one always end up unable to pursue what he has planned beforehand. But with the idea of success motivation, the fulfilment of anything will not be out of reach.

The very main reason that hinders success motivation to materialize is the load of weaknesses that thrive in the human persona. This can be a very powerful tool that stops you from achieving your dream. If only you are aware of the most possible methods to stop these things from occurring, then you will likely be able to keep a focused mind. When these bad factors overwhelm you, you will find it hard to escape these obstacles and for success motivation to be kept in close track.
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Image result for motivation
In order for you to maintain your focus on the dream that you have in mind, you must let success motivation enter your mainstream. There are obviously innumerable ways to have your dream bright, clear, and fresh. Here are a few of the important things that you may take note of:

Jot it down. Whatever it is that you dream of, scribble it on a piece of paper. This will be your constant reminder. If ever there are new occurrences in your life, your original goals will be relived as soon as you see what you have written.

Read it over and over. Posting the paper on the corners of your room will make it visible enough for you to be reminded of regarding your goal.

Revise your copy. As things change, the concerns you have also alters. But it is important that you stick to reachable and realistic goals.

Keep a log to yourself. You may list down the initial steps that you have taken in the achievement of your goal. You can also jot down other necessary things that you can attend to tomorrow or for the next days to come.

Take time to learn it. Always study and keep an eye on your designated project. It does not mean that you have to go back to school for another degree. It is only a matter of being decided on the matter. The more intense your success for motivation is, the clearer the pursuance of your dream would be to you.

Have someone to share your concerns with. It is important that you take note of other people's opinion. Their voices can truly help in the materialization of your dream.

Be inspired. It has been tried and tested. Having someone or something as an inspiration can contribute to the success motivation deals.

If you dare to take challenges, always be geared towards success motivation. You will lose nothing when you do so.

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