Sunday, 8 February 2015

Success Originates From Good Habits by: Linda Ding

There are a majority of people who are jealous of other's success. They can't understand why other people can succeed. As far as I am concerned, success is the process of cultivating good habits. People who are winners often have nice habits in their daily life. So what good habits should you have if you want to succeed? I would like to share something about that with you in this article, and I wish that you would learn something from it. 

First of all, you are supposed to specify what you want to do and the purpose of what you want to do before you do everything. 

Secondly, if you want to change your ideas, do keep in mind to be cautious and never make any determination in a hurry. There is a proverb in China which says look before you leap. 

Thirdly, winners always have the ability of listening to others' perspectives. Try to be a person who is good at hearkening. You will of course get something meaningful from the speaker. Besides, to be a nice audience can make other people more willing to make friends with you. They will consider that you are a good communicator. 

In addition, you had better set down the plan, which must be finished per day. Since there is an idiom says that seize the day, put no trust in the morrow. Furthermore, we all know that every great success or huge invention is make up of tiny things. Don't neglect the matters you will deal with everyday, all of them are precious experience which can assist you in the process of growing up. 

Additionally, persist in writing diary. Most of writers confess that insist on writing diary every day is fairly useful to one's development. It can rich one's experience and react one's nice character and persistence. 

Besides, remember to do things that you are fond of. I mean, since interest is the best teacher, you will get wealth and success more easily if you do things that you like. When it comes to interest, I remember one person who is the richest man in the world, yes, he is Bill Gates. I consider that all of you know that Bill Gates quit school when he was in senior school and then devoted himself to Internet. He likes computer very much, that is the interest of him. As a result, he succeeded finally. 

Another habit that you need to acquire is practice. Have you heard about an idiom says that practice makes perfect? The success of athletes in Olympic Games is gained through numerous exercises. 

The last but not the least one, learn how to autosuggestion. The power of autosuggestion is unbelievable. I believe that you are familiar with Edison, who is the greatest scientist in the globe. But do you know that Edison also used the method of autosuggestion to make himself succeed finally? His drawer has a piece of paper on which wrote, "I will succeed. "He told himself that he would get wealth and success in the end and it became the truth. As a consequence, be confident in yourself, always trust yourself and you will succeed like Edison. 

To sum up, if you want to gain wealth and success, you should have good habits to pave the way for success. Nice habits will accompany with us in the lifetime while wealth and success are temporary. Suppose that your life needs success to be your motivation of hope, your life needs good habits to produce the road to walk forward as well. 

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