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Motivation To A Better Life Is At Hand by: Cheryl Hanson

You may have a goal that is tugging at your heart, but despite your everyday tasks and issues, you never seem to find the time to tackle the steps to get you down that path. Do not give up! Many times you may be led towards doing things that will take up your time, but will not empower you to find time to move towards a better you!

It comes up often if you are working full time and as well raising kids. They are constantly needful of your time and attention, and will be a very positive form of assistance if you let them. If your kids are in school, you are in luck. Children who are in school are getting a beginning taste of how life can be better, and even more functional with learning new ideas. They understand that a new path in life starts with new knowledge.

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If you are tackling your goal to learn a new skill or profession, involve your children. They often can be very interested in your study, and can be a real open door for your problem solving skills as well. You may be surprised how quickly they pick up new skills, as you involve them with your process. There are things you can do with them, and that will enrich you as well as them.
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As you take time to learn your new skill, be sure to not allow yourself to become distracted. It is important to have a day to relax and motivate yourself with simple quiet days, but take some time during the day, to bring your mind back to your studies or research for one hour. You can really problem solve these thoughts quickly when you are having a down day, and then the next time you really dedicate yourself to your tasks, you may find it easier to move forward.

An important thing to remember during your process as you grow with your new skill sets, is that you say no to new endeavors, so that you do not stretch yourself too thin. Many people today, are simply committing to too many activities and social events. It is important to stay connected, as we find strength in our social settings, but you do not have to be at every event. During your process to evolve into a new profession, a new lifestyle, you need to be kind to yourself, and let things happen at your own pace.

Do not expect immediate results, and let yourself learn. Your kids will be following your path as well, and as they watch you break down the barriers that you have built around you, or that are pushed in front you, they will see that these obstacles are not to be feared.

You can become the best person you know you already are! It is important for you to find the right information, to evolve your new mindset in a way that can be effective, and let your mind be open to these new ideas. Continue your path, commit to the change, and follow the steps one by one to a successful new you!
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You are the person you believe you are, and there should be no stopping you! As a positive motivator, I find that managing a project is a process and should be started with the best information, research and motivation to find great success.

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