Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Let Go, Stop Resisting by: Scott F Paradis

Do you ever just feel stuck? Is life, your life not all you had hoped? Are you struggling personally? Professionally? Is life moving fast? Too fast? Are you having trouble finding your way? Are you facing a crisis?

You have probably heard: "Buried in every crisis is opportunity." Are you looking for an opportunity now? Any opportunity? Just some relief? Well, stop searching, there is an easier way - read on...

Challenges, obstacles help us stretch and learn and grow. Every challenge, large or small, has a means to overcome evident in it (sometimes not so evident  but there still, nonetheless). What you need to surmount any and every obstacle you encounter or create is always available. Unfortunately, however, sometimes we are overwhelmed by what we encounter; sometimes we are swept up in the storm.

When facing overwhelming odds our natural human inclination is to hold on tight. We dig in. We cling. We resist the forces of change. We batten down the hatches in a storm. We attempt to defy the wind. We cling to the rocks in rushing rapids. We focus all our energy on beating back the threat when the real solution, the essential key is to let go.

The way to realize the promise of life - to fulfil your potential - is to stop putting up a fight. Stop resisting.

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Life is a kaleidoscope of change. This reality is energy in motion. Obstacles come and go, they flow together and they subside. Your resistance, your clinging holds obstacles in place. You continue to face an obstacle by freezing your own motion. As long as you resist you slow down time - the threat stays with you, because you stay with it.

The only requirement to succeed, to change the circumstances of your life, is a willingness to move on.

When you fall victim to the desire, or the need, or the fear, to cling to current circumstances you are resisting the force of change - you are resisting life itself.

The means to overcome any obstacle is always present. The energy, the strength, is available to the extent of your capacity to change, to journey on, to grow. The path of least resistance is to dissolve obstacles, reduce challenges, eliminate adversaries by going with the flow.

You need not be a solitary force against the world. You are here, in this reality, with a means, a capacity to navigate  a facility to move and a power to resist. You can linger and struggle or you can move on and create. The choice is yours. Everything is in motion - join the dance.

This reality is perpetual change. The collage is constantly reshaping itself into intricate, complex patterns and simple, beautiful designs. Sometimes the pattern forms obstacles - sometimes bridges. On this ride of your life, navigate past the obstacles; cross the bridges - go with the flow.

The purpose for your being may not be evident; it may not be plain, yet you are here - you are on the journey. You have at your command a wellspring of power - the energy of a universe in motion - move with it. Stop resisting  let go!

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

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