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Motivation To A Better Life Is At Hand by: Cheryl Hanson

You may have a goal that is tugging at your heart, but despite your everyday tasks and issues, you never seem to find the time to tackle the steps to get you down that path. Do not give up! Many times you may be led towards doing things that will take up your time, but will not empower you to find time to move towards a better you!

It comes up often if you are working full time and as well raising kids. They are constantly needful of your time and attention, and will be a very positive form of assistance if you let them. If your kids are in school, you are in luck. Children who are in school are getting a beginning taste of how life can be better, and even more functional with learning new ideas. They understand that a new path in life starts with new knowledge.

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If you are tackling your goal to learn a new skill or profession, involve your children. They often can be very interested in your study, and can be a real open door for your problem solving skills as well. You may be surprised how quickly they pick up new skills, as you involve them with your process. There are things you can do with them, and that will enrich you as well as them.
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As you take time to learn your new skill, be sure to not allow yourself to become distracted. It is important to have a day to relax and motivate yourself with simple quiet days, but take some time during the day, to bring your mind back to your studies or research for one hour. You can really problem solve these thoughts quickly when you are having a down day, and then the next time you really dedicate yourself to your tasks, you may find it easier to move forward.

An important thing to remember during your process as you grow with your new skill sets, is that you say no to new endeavors, so that you do not stretch yourself too thin. Many people today, are simply committing to too many activities and social events. It is important to stay connected, as we find strength in our social settings, but you do not have to be at every event. During your process to evolve into a new profession, a new lifestyle, you need to be kind to yourself, and let things happen at your own pace.

Do not expect immediate results, and let yourself learn. Your kids will be following your path as well, and as they watch you break down the barriers that you have built around you, or that are pushed in front you, they will see that these obstacles are not to be feared.

You can become the best person you know you already are! It is important for you to find the right information, to evolve your new mindset in a way that can be effective, and let your mind be open to these new ideas. Continue your path, commit to the change, and follow the steps one by one to a successful new you!
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You are the person you believe you are, and there should be no stopping you! As a positive motivator, I find that managing a project is a process and should be started with the best information, research and motivation to find great success.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Vivid Visions Visited by: Jesse Wade

Visiting someone can be a very healthy welcome wonder, for we may enjoy inspiring insights, facilitate new friends, enjoy edibles, convincing conversation, long laughs, delicious desserts, and overall, an enviable evening. It is, usually, a nice exciting evening!

Of course, visiting relations(if one enjoys their relations), friends(not freaky ones), neighbours(if they are not nitwits), are events we all look forward to at almost any time, regardless of our age  for, whether we like it or not, we are naturally sincere social beings.

However; there are plenty of places of all terrific types all over our pleasing planet that our sincere selves can, and would, absolutely love to locate, and sensibly spend some terrific times using our optical orbs(eyeballs) to observe, regardless of the mooch moo la we would have to part with. There are captivating cafes where we would mange to munch on all sorts of sumptuous goodies, dine on a stupendous steak, and pig-out with a piece of pie or maybe just concentrate on a cup of coffee. Plus, we may even get lucky enough to meet some new individuals who are indigenous to the area, who will tell us some local tall tales or maybe find out some facts of an antique artist, and possible of an adventurous attraction.
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And there is always the prolific possibility that we may wish to embark on additional adventures to other placating places such as a colourful vivid and forested valley with a myriad of various fabulous flowers to caress our newly embellished eyes. Then again, we may decide to drive to a sea of serenity where we would enjoy the enticing waves, with their longing lure of longevity into a fantasy of foreverness. Also enviable would be an excursion to some majestic mountains, where the surrounding scenes of scenic vistas would enhance our eyes with a precious panorama of all the beauty below.

All adventures that would endear us to others and our bodacious and beautiful earth is always a warm welcome to any hearty heart. But, every now and then, we should ask the quizzical question of how long has it been since we sincerely visited ourselves? We can, and should, find ourselves a personal solitude of serenity, meander through the pages of our mind. And maybe ask a few questions, such as:

Are we always allowing others to direct our destiny, or are we creating our own?

Are we giving our children happy and healthy hugs everyday? For it causes them to continually grow, and automatically know they can com to us in their time of need.

Are we aware that down deep within our sensible souls are the articulate answers to our everyday questions of survival?

Are we evermore educating our children on how to discover their myriad amount of tantalising talents and abilities?

How far within ourselves have we sincerely searched for the multitude of methods that are always available for us to improve our evermore evolving lives?

When did we last decide to further develop our delicate emotions by realising that we always have the ability in our bodacious brains to seek out the answers to problems, by reading good books, and thereby discovering that we do have the capabilities to control them?

Do we really realise that, no matter what amount of material and assorted assets we may own, that in order to be true to ourselves, and enjoy a deep prolific peace within, we must always remind our happy hearts that we are only bags of mostly water�(humans), and still deserve to live a long, vivid, and happy life? 

Now is the magical moment to make the deserving decision to delve deep within our cerebral cortex, actually activate the electrical and chemical synaptic connections, and tell ourselves that we are going to visit a very wonderful individual who has a pleasing personality, an attractive attitude, a sensible sense of humour, a beautiful brain, comprehensive common-sense, and of course, is good-looking. Plus, the real reality is that all we have to do in order to visit that vivacious individual, is to peer into a mirror, and there that wonderful person is! Imagine what you can do next!
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(J) Marshall Wade is the author of 24 books about self improvement and related subjects

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Success Motivation: Its Role in the Achievement of Your Dreams

The term motivation is not at all strange to all of us. In fact, in every endeavor that one ventures into, the idea of motivation always tags alongside it. Motivation is literally that thing known as the extreme desire to fulfil something. But before motivation must be exercised, it is important that there is a vivid plan regarding what is to be done, how it is to be done, and what kind of result is expected to turn out.

There may be a lot of things that you wish to accomplish. But then because of the most unexpected twists and turns of the events, your dream of fulfilling something may have suddenly become blurred and unreachable. But you would not let it happen and have it stay that way, right? There is always the chance to straighten things out.

Success motivation can be said as something that inspires us to pursue whatever it is that has been planned out. Life constantly provides everyone with a definite stream of opportunities and because of the many distractions, one always end up unable to pursue what he has planned beforehand. But with the idea of success motivation, the fulfilment of anything will not be out of reach.

The very main reason that hinders success motivation to materialize is the load of weaknesses that thrive in the human persona. This can be a very powerful tool that stops you from achieving your dream. If only you are aware of the most possible methods to stop these things from occurring, then you will likely be able to keep a focused mind. When these bad factors overwhelm you, you will find it hard to escape these obstacles and for success motivation to be kept in close track.
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In order for you to maintain your focus on the dream that you have in mind, you must let success motivation enter your mainstream. There are obviously innumerable ways to have your dream bright, clear, and fresh. Here are a few of the important things that you may take note of:

Jot it down. Whatever it is that you dream of, scribble it on a piece of paper. This will be your constant reminder. If ever there are new occurrences in your life, your original goals will be relived as soon as you see what you have written.

Read it over and over. Posting the paper on the corners of your room will make it visible enough for you to be reminded of regarding your goal.

Revise your copy. As things change, the concerns you have also alters. But it is important that you stick to reachable and realistic goals.

Keep a log to yourself. You may list down the initial steps that you have taken in the achievement of your goal. You can also jot down other necessary things that you can attend to tomorrow or for the next days to come.

Take time to learn it. Always study and keep an eye on your designated project. It does not mean that you have to go back to school for another degree. It is only a matter of being decided on the matter. The more intense your success for motivation is, the clearer the pursuance of your dream would be to you.

Have someone to share your concerns with. It is important that you take note of other people's opinion. Their voices can truly help in the materialization of your dream.

Be inspired. It has been tried and tested. Having someone or something as an inspiration can contribute to the success motivation deals.

If you dare to take challenges, always be geared towards success motivation. You will lose nothing when you do so.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Use a Day Planner to Budget Your Time by: Harold Taylor

To maintain balance in your life you have to examine your personal values and make sure that the things that are important to you are reflected in your day planner. Your day planner should display your personal time budget.

Planning is important in order to avoid impulse spending of time. Plan what TV programs you will watch, the sporting events you will attend, the family outings, jogging, quiet time and so on. The best day planner should go from 7am to 10 pm, 7 days a week so that personal activities can be scheduled as well as business activities. Block off your vacations, evening classes, church activities, your child's little league games, those scheduled dates with your spouse, those special events, that annual cruise or camping trip. Sometimes you may have to schedule personal activities during work time and work activities during personal time. Balance is a blend of work and personal life; there's no guarantee that one won't intrude on the other - but it balances out. 

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You should plan both your work priorities and your personal priorities at least a week in advance, and schedule them into your day planner. Don't over schedule. We recommend that you schedule between 30% and 50% of your available time after work for those key areas of your life, including family, friends, exercise, household projects and so on. Allow time for last minute opportunities, family demands and spontaneity. You must have plenty of discretionary time.

If you develop poor working habits, such as continually working overtime, working through lunch, not taking breaks, working at the kitchen table after dinner - your life can soon get out of balance. The habit of eating in front of the TV set can cause problems as well, since we develop the habit of watching TV with no purpose in mind.

Just as meetings consume a lot of time at work, TV consumes a lot of time at home. And just as we should have meeting-free days at work to concentrate on priority tasks, so we should have TV-free evenings at home to concentrate on quality time with the family. So it makes sense to decide in advance which TV programs you will watch - then stick to your plan.

Don't rely on "To Do" lists - they're simply intentions and are frequently postponed. Activities and projects that are scheduled in your planner become commitments, and those are the things that usually get done.
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Harold Taylor has been speaking, writing and conducting training programs on the topic of effective time management for over 30 years. He has written 16 books, including the Canadian best-seller, Making Time Work For You. He has developed over 50 time management products that have sold in 38 countries around the world.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Daily Affirmations That Can Manifest Change in Your Life

Affirmations are a great way to manifest positive change in your life. This doesn't have to be abundance (although that can be a good place to start). Repeating your affirmations at a regular time of the day is often best as we're creatures of habit. Once you get into this habit you'll find that you're reminding yourself if you don't remember to repeat your affirmations for any reason. It takes about 2 weeks to form a habit so while you're still forming the habit, set an alarm in your phone as a reminder. Here are some affirmations you can use to manifest positive change in your life plus the all-important rationale behind them so that your conscious mind buys into the idea as well.
The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful
Being grateful is one of the easiest things you can do to bring about positive change.
The mere act of being grateful can bring about a disproportionate - and very positive - change in very short order.
I make it a point to go through everything I'm grateful for each and every day, just before I go to sleep. This gives me a positive frame of mind at one of the most important times of the day. Our minds are very impressionable just after we wake up and just before we go to sleep. So reminding yourself of the things you're grateful for today is beneficial in lots of ways.
I have abundance in all areas of my life
This one can be a bigger stretch than the gratefulness affirmation. Especially if you look around you and see evidence to the contrary.
But when you stop to think about abundance, it truly is everywhere. Even at times when it seems the whole universe is ganging up against you.
Take a look outside and relive the wonderment you had as a child. Maybe pretend that you're that Martian, visiting our planet for the first time. Look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes and notice just how much there is of near enough everything.
That's abundance, hiding in plain sight.
As soon as you start doing this, you'll begin to notice small shifts in how you view other items. And these small shifts mount up over time.
If you can just improve yourself by a really tiny one third of one percent, over the course of a year you'll truly be up there with the greats because that will translate to 100% improvement during just one year. Even if you miss your target, that could still easily be a 50% improvement. Just by being open to the idea that there's abundance everywhere and that you can shift towards it - ever so slightly.
I am capable of anything and bound by nothing
This one will put your manifestation of change onto overdrive.
The beauty of this is that you don't need to particularly believe it. So long as you keep repeating this affirmation on a daily basis it will work its way into your subconscious and start to work its magic on your life.
If you're not ready mentally for this affirmation, start with the others and work this one into your routine after a couple of weeks. It won't seem like such a big "ask" by the time you've sowed the seeds of positive change and the law of attraction is starting to take effect.

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