Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to Make the Most Out of Your Cardio Workouts

Cardio Vascular exercise is an activity that involves light, moderate, or high intensity activities that should increase your heart rate.
There are many different ways to perform a cardio routine. Whether through conventional manners; treadmill, bike, cross trainer and our favourite the versa climber which is in our opinion one of the best and hardest cardio machines. There are also crazy cardio workouts and circuit training. You can perform these cardio routines by two of the most common types; high intensity interval workouts and steady workouts.
High intensity interval training is great for weight loss while steady workouts are ideal for maintaining your wellbeing.
It is better to incorporate both types of training in your routine, I would suggest 2 days a week of high intensity and 1 day a week of steady. I am sure there are many body builders or people who perform a lot of resistance training to increase lean tissue do not like to do cardio due to their concern of muscle loss. However cardio is an essential part of training and assists losing excess body fat or "to be lean", so many people cut out carbohydrates to create the "lean look" that they are all seeking but this is not healthy and can cause long term problems, there have been studies to show that diet can have a great impact on your skin and if you do not eat enough carbohydrates or good fats, your skin and overall health will be at risk. In our opinion the most healthiest way to maintain a "lean look" would be to engage in steady state cardio and not high intensity, where you can maintain your muscle mass while reducing excess body fat.
Here is a quick summary of what the two different types of training entail;
Interval Training: Bursts of high energy training which are then followed by periods of recovery.
Steady Training: Exercise that is performed at a slow and continuous rate where energy demands remain consistent
Top ten benefits of Cardio Vascular Exercise
Ideal for Weight loss
Boosts your immune system
Reduces ones stress
Creates Stronger and healthier heart and lungs
Great for your bones and will increase bone density
Reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer
Provides temporary relief from depression and anxiety
It will release endorphins which makes you feel great after the workout
Allows you to sleep better
Will give you more energy
Another important factor in getting the most out of your cardio routine is to ensure that you are working at your target heart rate.
Target heart rate can be obtained from your Gym or personal trainer. You can also obtain it from the My Zenergy website by signing up.
So do not forget to include cardio in your exercise routine!
Prepare yourself for food you'll love, workouts you'll enjoy and results you'll adore

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