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The Total Demystifying Truth of the Subconscious Mind

For many centuries, man has already known the existence of the power of subconscious mind. Many stories indicated that the power could be tapped to accelerated bodily healing and improve the state of mental health. However, none had come out with a satisfying scientific explanation; and worst still, many people were told that the subconscious mind is spiritual and unreal.

Alas, the truth is here! Do learn the scientific truth now and do not be confused! The mind, subconscious mind especially, is actually a changing state of our dormant brain; and every state of its changes used different wave frequencies. The true fact is: this state of mind can be measured by wave frequency!

In 1924, Hans Berger, one of the greatest German scientists of last century, was the first to revolutionize Electroencephalogram (EEG) or brain-wave test. This test managed to capture the very tiny voltage-fluctuations from the human brain. This is defined by the wave pattern called the frequency.

In present world, now, researches have found that human brain usually operates at 'Beta wave' state at around 14Hz and above. This is at our conscious state with active concentration.

As for subconscious mind, it becomes dominant when the brain wave slowing down through three frequencies ranges:

ALPHA WAVES - Around 7Hz to 14Hz:

This wave exists when people usually at rest and relax, or meditating; and scientist usually associating this state to creativity and "genius spark" moment. People who are able to tap into this state are going to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below the conscious awareness.

Many geniuses, always indulge into such state; eg Albert Einstein was well known to take many rest and afternoon naps in between his many important works, which scientists believed that he was tapping into this "genius spark" state. Thus, some scientists believed that genius is not by genes but it is the result of the brain been nurtured and trained to work at Alpha and Theta stage.

THETA WAVES - Around 4Hz to 7Hz

Whenever people enter into this state they are in the sleep mode, they often experience a good rest with no worry but all bliss. This activates the gateway to receptive to information beyond usual normal state of awareness. Thus, Theta wave has also been identified as the "gateway" to learning, creativity and superb memory; this kind of meditation accelerated learning habit.

DELTA WAVES - 0.5Hz to 4Hz.

Delta waves exist only in deep sleep. Creativity and intuition is further strengthened. Sometimes, people can remember their past dreams vividly or long lost memories in this state as the subconscious brain is working actively without any external interference.

This state is also the state when damaged cells gets recovered and healed. Many researches have shown that Delta waves helped to release more healing Human Growth Hormones. It is also report that 5 to 15 minutes in Theta state can usually restore mental fatigue. And if you had ever watched any old Chinese Martial movies, many Shoaling old monks recovered from injuries and fatigue using deep meditation.

In conclusion as the brainwave patterns transit from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta, it is reported that the human brain correspond in synchronization, which means that the whole brain is in full harmony.

Finally here is a hard rock scientific truth! -- Solid good rest, creativity insight, is accompanying by the slowing down of brainwave frequencies; this is the moments of enlighten genius, and accelerated healing. There is no mysterious about any doubt that the subconscious mind is at work!

This truth will set many people free if they know about this fact!

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