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Home Based Business: The Pros and Cons Involved

If you are looking for a way to start-up your new business with the minimum amount of capital investment, do not hesitate to consider setting it up at your home. You would surely save a lot of money on operating expenses like utilities, rents, commuting costs and wardrobe expenses.

Functioning from home makes a lot of sense when you're launching a business and have limited start-up funds. But as with every good thing there remains a negative side, these kind of businesses also have some disadvantages.

Pros of working from home

Lesser commute time-

Commuting to and from offices consumes a lot of time. Working from the comfort of your home can save a great deal of that time and even relieve the daily stress of travelling. This can also give you more time to indulge in revenue-producing activities.

Flexibility of work-

When the office is in your home it allows you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in, work during the most productive hours, hire as many people as you prefer to and just adapt the workflow that's best suited for your business. Hours of work can also be flexibly chosen as per your requirement.

Reduce overhead costs and save money-

Offices build at home helps in keeping your overhead costs low as you can save a lot of bucks spent on office space renting, extra phone bills or office utilities. Tax benefits for such businesses are lucrative as well. Zero commute costs even add to your savings.

Improves work and life balance-

Balancing between professional and personal life seems difficult for many people. So having your business at home can minimize this issue and help maintain a healthy life balance. This also relieves stress keeping you more fresh and active.

Cons of working from home

Lack of self-discipline-

Being in the home environment can make you lazy at times and divert focus on work, so without strict self-discipline and motivation, it can be quite challenging. Some can even find it difficult to concentrate on work while surrounded by household chores.

Bitter client experience-

There may be clients who would not find your home office very professional. They can simply call off the deals just because of this issue leading to loss in your business.

Impending distractions-

Guests, friends and family can drop in unannounced any time at your home, even at your working hours, which can be very distracting. Disturbances from children, neighbours and other people could also disrupt your workflow.

Difficult to shut down-

The negligible distinction between work, home and personal life can make it extremely hard to call off work and most probably you end up overworking. As there are no strict office hours in home based business, you could easily be drawn to work endlessly making you feel overburdened and stressed at the end of the day.

Leon Grant has performed a series of interview with many budding entrepreneurs involved in home based businesses. All these interviews made him acquire lot of knowledge about the different aspects related to home based business.

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5 Steps to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home can be quite the challenge if you don't take the steps necessary to make it work.

Step 1: Set Your Weekly Work Schedule

When working from home decide whether you are going to be full-time or part-time, and then schedule your hours accordingly. The best practice is treating it like your regular 9-5.

For example, if you sell makeup and or beauty products out of your home, you should start cold calling at nine in the morning and marketing via social media.

Just because you work from home does not mean you don't have to treat it like a normal job. You should set aside time to promote your business, to complete book-keeping, to create marketing strategies, and to follow-up with previous customers.

It is true, that most people choose to work from home to get away from the strict structure of a 9-5, but until your business is up and running successfully, in the beginning you must dedicate more time to growing it.

Step 2: Get Dressed For Work

Hopefully, if you have decided to work from home, you have a home office.

When you wake up in the morning to go into your home office, dress as if you were going to work, this will help you have a more productive morning and day.

Also, if your business requires you to meet with client's throughout the day, you will already be dressed for the occasion.

Step 3: Avoid Distractions

If you have set your work schedule, stick to it. Don't let family and friends distract you, let them know what hours you have designated to your business. If you are marketing your business via social media, do not get distracted on unrelated post; stay focused on your objective.

If you are a stay-at-home-mom, schedule your work hours for times when the kids are at school. If you have younger children that are not school-aged, create a play area within your home office that will keep them occupied without distracting you.

Also, as a stay-at-home-mom it is a good practice to not mix business with housework. If you must complete housework set aside a separate time from your business hours.

In order, to have a more productive workday you should eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Step 4: Create a Work Environment

If possible, create a home office. Not only is it a tax write-off, it helps the productivity of your business. Your office should be equipped with all the things you need to have a successful home-based business. A desk, computer, printer, and phone are must-haves for a home-based office.

Step 5: Stay Organized and Be Consistent

It is important to keep your work area organized. Maintain and keep an up-to-date daily planner. Keep track of your incoming and outgoing operational expenses.

Most importantly, if you have found a successful technique continue to incorporate it.

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Friday, 12 February 2016

The Best of the Best Residual Income Business Opportunity

I have been in affiliate marketing for over 15 years now. After a stint with our government and being trained in "comms" (communications) I began an affinity with the Internet and took a strong interest in web development. I loved the aspect of building a website, the creativity of graphic design and much later, search engine optimization. Subsequent to my government employ, while working the regular job, nine-to-five, I began dabbling with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else's product or service in order to gain a commission on the sale. ClickBank was my first venture and it actually worked for a while. I distinctly recall making my first sale online and hopping up and down in my single-bedroom apartment so long ago. My dog thought I was totally nuts. But, it is truly a thrill.

Thus, began my never-ending passion for websites and online marketing. But, sadly, I later learned how trendy certain products can be. I also wasn't exactly a marketing expert at the time. Over the next several years, I spent literally thousands of dollars buying eBooks, training manuals, webinars, coaching and more. Again, I would make a few bucks here and there, but nothing to quit the day job over. It was truly getting depressing. There are so many scams out there. Sure, there are some major players out there in multi-level marketing bring home six figures. I have met several. But, what have these guys got that I don't? Well, a few of them already had a huge following when they came across their MLM business. Some were doctors or lawyers with a ton of friends and able to spend big money on marketing. But, that wasn't going to work for me. I needed a true passive residual income business opportunity.

What is Residual Income?

Residual income is when you so the work once and then get paid again and again. I know what you're thinking! That's MLM (multi-level marketing). Well, yes, technically it is. But, for the aforementioned reasons that wasn't going to work for me. Also, I tried so many of them and was totally lost in how the "downlines" worked or how any company could sustain these kind of payouts. Heck, most of the programs I tried died out just a few years later. Sure, the so-called founders of the so-called business made major money before that happened. But, that left most of us broke.

What Else Do These Scams have in Common?

Are you tired of the hype and empty promises? I was sick of all the empty promises and then signing up and paying monthly with zero guidance on what to do. The newbies were always totally in the dark and the instructions were never clear. Forget trying to get support from the company or talking to them.

It's Time for Something Different

About a year ago, I heard about a company that didn't make any outlandish promises. It had been around for quite a while, but for some reason, I just lumped them in with all the others. Call it bad timing and "having been bit" in the rear one too many times. But, recently, I discovered they totally did away with their entrance fee. Yes, it's totally free to join. So, this piqued my interest. I had already discovered from the major affiliate marketing forums that the company has some outstanding training. I simply couldn't afford to join at the time.

Now, you CAN join and get inside and see what it's all about. You can check out their "Bootcamp" affiliate marketing training. But, there's so much more. You can even build not just your very first website, but also your second without paying one single dime. Beyond that, you can earn income selling affiliate products or premium memberships. Yes, zero out of pocket. All, absolutely free. I was totally stunned. So, I joined for free. No credit card, nothing. I went through the bootcamp which covered everything in extreme detail. I also had help along the way. Not just email, but real live help from professionals making money from home.

As you likely gathered, I'm still a little stunned. I have a professional looking website (two, really) and making commissions and just now upgraded to a premium membership. There are no downlines or anything like that. Simply, there are two memberships - free (the Started membership) and premium (the upgraded one). Basically, you can earn monthly residual income via anyone that joins from your affiliate link. But, you even don't have to promote this business if you don't want to. They will explicitly train you to build your first website in any niche you're passionate about and how to make money doing so. You never need to promote the company itself.

Is This Something You Can Do?

I'm not talking about some get-rich quick scheme. If that's what you're seeking, then you might want to stop reading here. This is a solid, proven company that will train you to create a real foundation for a successful online business. The training has nearly 500 modules, but with live help at every step. You'll never be alone.

If you're a beginner or a professionally, there are tools inside for you. And, they are constantly developing more tools. From website training, marketing, search engine optimization and even pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. If you're willing to learn and put in some effort, you can build a successful Internet business.

The Track Record

One thing I always look for when seeking residual income online and that's the track record of the company behind it. Again, I've been bit way too many times. This company has been in business over 10 years. That should give you pause (or excitement) already. On top of that, there are over 100,000 members. Is it saturated? No way! These members have built businesses ranging from affiliate marketing to knitting to fishing and more. Again, you can build your first online business around any topic you're passionate about. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

I can't urge you enough to take a look. Put your credit card away, you won't need it. Come and join us on the inside and see what real step-by-step marketing training is like from people actually doing it and willing to help you gain your financial freedom once and for all!

The name of the company I'm talking about is Wealthy Affiliate. And, you can read all about it at my website - Wealthy Affiliate Review - Where I review this and many other programs for smart passive income. Click here for my review of the Best Residual Income Opportunity Online.

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The Reality Of Working From Home

If you're anything like me, you relish the idea of making a living working from home.

Advertisements for "online jobs work from home", "working from home ideas", "working home opportunities" and other working online home ads are aplenty.

Can you make any money?

The short answer is yes. The more accurate answer is, unless you have some dynamic and innovative idea or product that simply shocks the world that will change everyone's life or that everyone must have right now, you're in for a long and winding road.

It's not to say it can't be done. It's not to say it can't be made simple or easy. It is to say, there's more to it than meets the eye.

The better questions to ask is, what does it take to make enough money to live on, how long will it take, and are you willing to do what it takes?

Perhaps it's not necessary to make enough money to live on. Maybe you just want to supplement your income.

Either way, it's important to understand that there are a lot of people already doing it. Many of them know what they're doing. Many of them don't.

There are right ways. There are wrong ways. Maybe there's your way.

Whatever your plan is, you need to either stand way out and grab a lot of people's attention quickly or you're going to have to go through some trials and tribulations. You will probably have to devote a considerable amount of time.

Practice makes perfect, or as close to perfect as you'll get.


Some people, when they're at home just want to relax. They just never seem to be able to get in the mood to work unless they get dressed and go somewhere.

Others wake up and work. It doesn't matter where they are. It's easy for them to get started.

The operative word is work.

Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it for you, it's work and it must be done. Otherwise nothing happens.

It helps to have a schedule and a plan and that you stick to it. If not, it is much more difficult to be productive.


Another question that's important to ask is why you want to do whatever it is you want to do.

If you're simply doing it for the money, especially if you don't like the work, you'll probably get frustrated and/or burn out quickly.

In my case it's been a life-long dream. I love to write and I fell in love with the process. I have a story to tell and feel qualified to speak as an expert, or at least intelligently, about a few different subjects (food, fitness, and life insurance products).

The fact that the money is not an immediate result is what kept me from doing it sooner.

For me, it was simply time to do what I always wanted to do.

I'd be lying if I said it's been easy.

Bob is an online affiliate marketer with an extensive background in sales and marketing.

He is also a life insurance and safe money professional with more than 20 years experience. His company, A Bulletproof Life is based on the 5 F's: Food, fitness, finances, fulfilment, fun.

His personal and company motto are the same: Honesty, respect, best effort.

Some of his personal interests are rock'n'roll, baseball, football, travelling, and single women, among many others.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Making Money Online at Home in Your Spare Time

Whatever similar keyword you type into Google you come up with a million or more searches for people wanting to work at home. How can we satisfy this growing army of would-be entrepreneurs? Are they just looking, or are they serious about wanting to work at home.

What exactly are they all searching for? There are so many ways of making money online; here are a few business ideas that come to mind:

Selling imported paintings

Selling portraits of people or pets, painted from photographs

Specific or hand-made greeting cards

Golfing products

Weight loss products - always popular

There are so many ideas, the list could be pages long, in fact any hobby that has a following of people with a disposable income can be considered. Check out magazine racks for ideas. Some ideas will be more profitable than others so do some research into viability and numbers by searching on Google with the keyword tracking tool.

If you were looking and I asked you what you were looking for, could you tell me?

would you be looking to work at home on-line part-time?

would you want your home business to be simple to set-up?

Would you like it to be low-cost?

Do you have a laptop you can use, and an internet connection?

Would you like the flexibility to expand it at a later date?

Would you like to work flexible hours to fit into your life-style?

If you'd answered yes to the above questions I would suggest affiliate marketing, as this is simple to start and run, it is low-cost, and can be flexible, but you would need to commit to spending some-time daily on learning techniques and growing your hobby business. Being involved every-day is much better than fits and starts!

It is best to start whilst you have an income from your current work as it doesn't happen immediately you have to give it time and effort to grow and learn your new skills. A mentor to guide you initially will save you time, and trial and error as you will follow a proven path. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Affiliate marketing is a system for sending customers to other people's products, and getting paid, with no face to face selling. You don't have to build a website unless you want to or deal with payments delivery or customer service. It is all taken care of for you. It is the simplest system I know for starting online.

Is this the kind of business you would be looking for? You can choose any niche or hobby that appeals to you; in fact it is better if it is a topic you are passionate about as you will enjoy working on it! Especially if later you intend to produce your own products.

There is a great deal of information available on the web, and YouTube and on Facebook groups, recommendation is always good.

A few books that could help you:

If you need to make your current job more satisfying whilst you build your business part-time "Thank God its Monday" by Charles Cameron and Suzanne Elusorr. (Strange title it isn't religious)!

"Do It a Guide to Living Your Dreams" by John-Rodger and Peter McWilliams, to convince you now is the time and you can do it!

"Living with Passion" by Peter L. Hirsch, he offers you 10 secrets to success.

If you need a new laptop: "Microsoft Windows 8 Made Easy, has great illustrations. Or you could choose a good reconditioned model if you prefer Windows 7.

Well I hope there are some suggestions here to help you if you are one of the millions searching and I would like to wish you every success in your new venture. Growing your own business is one of the most exciting things you can choose to do - I love it.

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Would You Like To Know How To Make Extra Money From Home Fast?

I have always struggled to find ways to make extra money from home. I tried almost everything I came across on the internet but it just didn't work out and I was really sick and tired of trying and was about to quit. That's when I stumbled across a solution...

Quick Tip:

If you want to know how to make extra money from home then you need to pick a product you believe in and purchase it. Sound easy? It is trust me. Use that product and then create a website/ blog telling or showing people exactly how you used it to solve that very problem you once had and at the beginning and the end of the text, have a visible link (product link) and so people can go purchase it through your link if they're interested (and you get paid).

While this may seem like a lot of work; it's actually quite easy and simple to do, and it's all thanks to these free platforms called WordPress and ClickBank (Gifts from the Gods?!). First you need to sign up to a website called ClickBank (I'm sure you've heard about it) then navigate to a tab written "marketplace", then choose a product to promote and make sure that the product you choose meet these 3 criteria;

1. An attractive sales page (product page). I recommend you visit the sales page and research more about the product since you're going to spend your hard earned cash to purchase it. Go to Google and type the product name with the text "review" next to it. i.e. xyz "review".

2. The product must be on demand. But how can you tell?

- Look for the green text below the product written "grav" and make sure it's greater than 50. The higher this number the better (yet this also means more competition- but don't be scared because you can own a share of that competition.

3. Must have recurring commissions and back-end sales.

- This means you get paid over and over (every month) for just ONE SALE you made and you also get a percentage of the product up-sells sold in the back-door after the customer purchases the product, Isn't that just awesome?! Check green text written "Avg %/rebill" below the product.

But what happens if you don't make extra money at all? Because there's more to building websites that make consistent extra money than just talking /showing about how the product works. There is a video version of this Article, Please Visit The Link In The Resource Box!

Click here >> The Super-Ninja Cash Machine to discover how to get Loads of Consistent Cash Hands-FREE!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Interval Training

Are you in an exercise rut? Do you want to kick your fitness level up a notch and increase your endurance? Would you like to add more intensity to you workout? Interval training is a good way to achieve all of these goals in a safe and systematic manner.
Interval training is simply a matter of alternating high intensity exercise and low intensity exercise. It allows one to get the benefits of the high intensity work while giving the body some rest time. It allows one to extend a workout time period and build endurance gradually.
Running on a flat surface burns calories and gives your heart and lungs a great cardiovascular workout. Running up hill challenges your muscles, heart, and lungs, burning more calories and providing additional toning. But taking a 30 minute run up hill or on a steeply inclined treadmill would quickly exhaust most of us, or likely force us to stop early. However, running up hill then back down, or up hill then on flat ground would allow for high intensity work counter balanced by intervals of slower periods of active recovery. Interval training burns more calories and pumps more blood than continuous lower intensity exercise because it includes intervals of energy and oxygen-hungry work.
Because interval training burns a lot of calories and provides good muscle work, it may help you save time. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks. Likewise, running one mile burns the same number of calories as walking one mile. But walking one mile takes a lot more time. If your goal is calorie burning and toning, and you are short on time, then interval training does more, faster. Just remember that improving cardiovascular health requires aerobic exercise of 30 - 60 minutes, so don't make all of your workouts quickies, save those for when you're in a rush.
Interval training can also be helpful if your goal is to move yourself up to the next level of endurance and fitness. Maybe you have been trying to start a running program, but can't seem to maintain such a demanding exercise. Interval training is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to train the body. Marathoners commonly use this method to train for an up-coming race. A good program is to run for 4 minutes then walk at a good clip for 1 minute, or do a 3/2 interval. Your body will work hard then rest (while remaining active), work hard then rest. Your heart, lungs and muscles will make the transition to running, running farther, or running faster in a safe and productive manner.
There are a lot of ways to add intervals to your workout. If you are already a runner add hills or speed segments. If aerobics classes are your genre, add explosive moves like jumps or sprints. Include segments of speed walking in your normal walking routine or take the incline of your treadmill up a little higher at timed intervals.
Interval training is productive and can add excitement to your ho-hum exercise routine. Doing interval work in place of your normal routine, once a month, once a week, or once a day, is a good and effective plan. E-mail me if you need suggestions on how to intensify, endure and enjoy. You'll be glad you did.
Molly Setnick graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Health/Fitness Studies. She is certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist through The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas and is AFAA certified to teach aerobics. She co-writes a weekly column for the Texas Jewish Post with Jessica Setnick, MS, RD/LD called “Making Fitness Fit”. She can be reached at [].
Copyright © 2004 Molly Setnick. Permission is granted to reprint this article in non-commercial publications so long as the bio paragraph and this notice is included. All other rights reserved. Inquiries may be made at [].

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The Abs - More Important Than You Think

What comes to your mind when I say the word "abs"? Do you think of the infomercials advertising "6 second abs" or the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? Most people focus on training their abs to look thinner or sexier. But, do you realize the importance of your abs in everyday activities? Most yoga instructors do. And that's why one of the focuses of yoga is to build your core abdominal strength.
Important for posture
Your abs attach to your spine and pelvis, helping balance your back in good posture. Often times, when your back is not supported in the correct posture by your abdominals and back muscles, back pain occurs. Did you know that back pain accounts for approximately 50 billion dollars in health care costs each year. This is not something to be taken lightly -- so remember -- one of the best ways to prevent back pain is to strengthen your abs.
It often takes a conscious effort to sit in good posture. But, even if you get into a good sitting posture, you will need the abdominal and back endurance to maintain it! How are you sitting at your computer right now? I would bet most of you are sitting in a slumped posture....some more than others. To sit in good posture, you should have a slight inward curve in your back with your ears directly over your shoulders.
One way to strengthen your abs while working on your computer is to use an exercise ball as your chair. Yes, you heard me right! In fact, I am sitting on my exercise ball as I write this article.
Important for balance
Without abdominal strength, you will have difficulty sitting, standing and walking. Your center of gravity is located at your sacrum or roughly just below your belly button. Therefore, your abs play an important part in keeping you balanced at your center of gravity.
Think about someone who is a quadriplegic or paralysed from the neck down. They are not able to sit by themselves because their back and abdominal muscles are paralysed. In other words, they are no longer able to balance themselves. In contrast, a paraplegic, someone paralysed from the waist down, is able to balance and sit by themselves because only their legs are paralysed leaving their abdominal and back muscles intact. This proves that our abdominals are important for our balance.
If you are now sitting on your exercise ball, you can practice some balance exercises and strengthen your abs simply by rolling your hips forward, backward and side to side. Make sure to pull your stomach inward during these motions.
Exercise your abs
Now that you know the importance of your abs, you need to integrate abdominal strengthening into your regular strength training. Abs should be trained like any other muscle - 8 to 12 repetitions, 3 times per week.
Here is where I suggest you start: The Best Abs Exercises:
Remember the abs! They are more important that you think!
Read more articles at Get your free fitness ball exercise routine!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Total Demystifying Truth of the Subconscious Mind

For many centuries, man has already known the existence of the power of subconscious mind. Many stories indicated that the power could be tapped to accelerated bodily healing and improve the state of mental health. However, none had come out with a satisfying scientific explanation; and worst still, many people were told that the subconscious mind is spiritual and unreal.

Alas, the truth is here! Do learn the scientific truth now and do not be confused! The mind, subconscious mind especially, is actually a changing state of our dormant brain; and every state of its changes used different wave frequencies. The true fact is: this state of mind can be measured by wave frequency!

In 1924, Hans Berger, one of the greatest German scientists of last century, was the first to revolutionize Electroencephalogram (EEG) or brain-wave test. This test managed to capture the very tiny voltage-fluctuations from the human brain. This is defined by the wave pattern called the frequency.

In present world, now, researches have found that human brain usually operates at 'Beta wave' state at around 14Hz and above. This is at our conscious state with active concentration.

As for subconscious mind, it becomes dominant when the brain wave slowing down through three frequencies ranges:

ALPHA WAVES - Around 7Hz to 14Hz:

This wave exists when people usually at rest and relax, or meditating; and scientist usually associating this state to creativity and "genius spark" moment. People who are able to tap into this state are going to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below the conscious awareness.

Many geniuses, always indulge into such state; eg Albert Einstein was well known to take many rest and afternoon naps in between his many important works, which scientists believed that he was tapping into this "genius spark" state. Thus, some scientists believed that genius is not by genes but it is the result of the brain been nurtured and trained to work at Alpha and Theta stage.

THETA WAVES - Around 4Hz to 7Hz

Whenever people enter into this state they are in the sleep mode, they often experience a good rest with no worry but all bliss. This activates the gateway to receptive to information beyond usual normal state of awareness. Thus, Theta wave has also been identified as the "gateway" to learning, creativity and superb memory; this kind of meditation accelerated learning habit.

DELTA WAVES - 0.5Hz to 4Hz.

Delta waves exist only in deep sleep. Creativity and intuition is further strengthened. Sometimes, people can remember their past dreams vividly or long lost memories in this state as the subconscious brain is working actively without any external interference.

This state is also the state when damaged cells gets recovered and healed. Many researches have shown that Delta waves helped to release more healing Human Growth Hormones. It is also report that 5 to 15 minutes in Theta state can usually restore mental fatigue. And if you had ever watched any old Chinese Martial movies, many Shoaling old monks recovered from injuries and fatigue using deep meditation.

In conclusion as the brainwave patterns transit from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta, it is reported that the human brain correspond in synchronization, which means that the whole brain is in full harmony.

Finally here is a hard rock scientific truth! -- Solid good rest, creativity insight, is accompanying by the slowing down of brainwave frequencies; this is the moments of enlighten genius, and accelerated healing. There is no mysterious about any doubt that the subconscious mind is at work!

This truth will set many people free if they know about this fact!

p.s. If you need help or talk about the subject above, feel free to discuss wiTh us at ( [] )

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Keep Your Mind Sharp For a Lifetime!

We know that some senior citizens are able to live into their eighties and nineties with their minds sharp and their bodies still spry. Will we be among the lucky ones? Will our brains stay mentally sharp as we age?

Or will we be among those who fill nursing homes because our minds can no longer function properly?

The good news is that most of us will be able to keep our cognitive faculties as we age unless we develop Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, or diabetes.

As long as the brain itself remains healthy, older people can maintain their ability to think and remember, although it may take them longer to think and remember than it used to.

And in some forms of mental skills, seniors are actually able to outperform much younger people! For example, older people can perform better on tasks that require good judgment.

By studying the health habits of senior citizens who have reached old age with their minds and bodies intact, scientists have discovered some of the factors that seem to be associated with better mental functioning in old age.

There is some evidence that people who have a diet high in antioxidants have lower rates of getting Alzheimer's. Eating at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day seems to provide a protective factor to the aging brain. Those fruits and vegetables that have strong, bright colors tend to be very high in brain protecting antioxidants.

In animal experiments, blueberries have been found to be particularly strong in protecting brain cells from aging. Whether or not this ability to protect brain cells will extend to humans is not known yet, but why not try adding blueberries to your diet in the meantime?

Researches have discovered that there is a lower rate of Alzheimer's disease among people who eat a lot of cold water fish such as salmon. It's not known for certain whether taking nutritional supplements will help prevent brain degeneration, but there is some evidence that some vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements seem to have a protective effect on the brain. For example, a higher intake of Folic acid is associated with a lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

It's also important to learn bout which fats are good and which fats are bad for your heart and your brain.

Most North Americans eat far too much of the bad fats--those that are saturated or hydrogenated, and they do not eat enough of the good fats their brain and body needs, particularly the Omega-3's found in such foods as salmon and flax seed.

Try to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially those that are brightly colored such as tomatoes, spinach, and berries. These foods are high in special chemicals called antioxidants, which help protect your brain cells from damage.

A good quality vitamin and mineral supplement may help promote brain health. Based on the results of several long term studies, the following amounts may prove helpful:

500 mg of Vitamin C,
400 IU of Vitamin E,
400 mcg. of Folic acid,
and a well balanced Vitamin B complex taken daily.

Another life factor that is very damaging to brain cells is chronic stress. The chemical changes produced in your body when you are under chronic stress damage every system of the body, including your brain. If your life is currently very stressful, find ways to change your life circumstances where possible, and learn to change the way you react to these situations.

To reduce the impact of stress, practice techniques of mind and body relaxation such as daily meditation and prayer. Burn off some of the negative effects of stress on your body by committing to regular exercise.

Develop a circle of trusted friends and be sure to include some fun in your life.

The basics of looking after your brain involve common sense habits. If you want to keep your brain healthy, make it a priority to eat well, exercise regularly, and get sufficient sleep.

Your brain, as well as the rest of your body will benefit from following these tips. In addition, this strategy will improve your mood and outlook.

Although in life there are no guarantees, by following these common sense guidelines, you can increase your chances of surviving into your senior years with your mind in good shape.

This article was written by Royane Real, author of the book "How You Can Be Smarter" which is full of techniques you can use to improve your learning ability, memory, and creativity. Read more self help and self improvement articles at her new site at []

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Monday, 8 February 2016

4 Exercises That Will Help You Change Your Body Faster Than Any Other Exercises You May Have Tried

1. Lunges with a barbell. Properly executed, this exercise is the king (or queen) of total body reshaping exercises.
2. Indoor Rock Climbing. No other exercise will work as many muscles (both large and small) at the same time than using a Computerized Indoor Rock Climbing Wall!
3. 100 Rep Squats - while standing straight, in the squat position, holding either a pair or dumbbells at your sides or a light barbell across your shoulders (behind your neck) - you slowly squat to parallel, without using any jerking motions. Then when standing back up, you refrain from locking out your legs at the top position. Repeating this sequence for as many times as you possible can, up
to 100 reps. When you can perform 100 reps, you simply add more weight. If you need a break during the set of 100 reps - for health reasons - then take one - but before then, once you get back up continue where you left off until you've performed 100 reps. This type of volume training drives a massive amount of oxygenated blood throughout your entire body improving your endurance, melting body fat, cleaning out your lymphatic system, and boosting your metabolism.
100 Rep Squat Details:
Using a straight barbell or dumbbells, with very little weight and your feet flat on the floor spaced about 12 - 14 inches apart, bend into a full parallel squat position (as one of our friendly personal trainers to assist you the first time you try this one - and always use a smith machine or a squat rack for safety purposes).
Perform as many squats as you possibly can without stopping or altering your form. Then stop and rack the weight. Rest for 15 - 30 second (or until you catch your breath), then pick the weigh back up and continue until you need another short break.
Repeat this format until you've completed 100 repetitions. Your goal is to squat 100 repetitions in one set. Once you reach that goal, simply add 5 or 10 pound to the bar.
It's important that you start this exercise with guidance first (Use a personal if you have access to one, not just anyone who is working out in the gym that day) and start with a very light weight, preferably just the weight of the bar.
I promise, if you keep your form strict, and you perform this exercise as outlined here, you'll have one of the best lower body's on your block (including the tightest rear-end around).
4. Interval Training. Start out performing your favorite cardiovascular exercise like jogging on the treadmill. Warm up at a low pace for 5 minutes, then increase the speed and the inclination 50 - 100% for 2 - 5 minutes, then decrease the speed
back down to your slower pace for 2 minutes. After that, continue to alternate from your slow pace for 2 minutes to your fast pace for 5 minutes until you've completed your full 30 - 45 minute training session. Remember to monitor your pulse the whole time. And if you feel faint or dizzy at any point, stop immediately.
For a ton of f.ree, valuable tips, tricks, and secrets visit:
© 2002-2004 Wisdom Books, LLC & Christopher Guerriero WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this blurb with it: Christopher Guerriero, is the founder of the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center and a best-selling author, speaker, and coach to millions. He is creator of the award-winning 'Maximize Your Metabolism' system. To learn more about this step-by-step program, and to sign up for FR*EE how-to articles and F.REE teleseminars, visit

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The Power Workout:

Scenario: I really want to get in shape, but I work all day and attend multimedia classes until 8:30. How do I find the time to exercise, and what are a few good exercises for beginners like me? Solution: Finding time to exercise is certainly a challenge. Even the most motivated among us suffer setbacks during our business's busy season or when a new project is on the horizon. The key to fitting fitness into your busy day is to recognize that finding time isn't the issue--it's making time.
You may be surprised to hear that you can enjoy the benefits of a regular exercise program in as little as three hours per week.
The following routine shows you how:
Monday: Half-hour of jogging, biking (on hills) or other intense aerobic exercise you enjoy
Tuesday: Half-hour of strength training (squats, sit-ups and push-ups for beginners; weight training with machines or dumbbells for the more experienced)
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Repeat Monday
Friday: Repeat Tuesday
Saturday: One hour of exercise--any type of exercise. Go rollerblading with a friend, take the family to the hills for a hike or swim laps at the pool.
Sunday: Rest day
Make your workouts more time-efficient by exercising harder. For example, you can walk two miles in a half-hour, or you can run four miles in a half-hour. You can spend an hour in step aerobics class, or you can spend 20 minutes rowing at the highest resistance level on the rowing machine. When you perform strength-training exercises, use a challenging resistance and move quickly through your exercises to get an aerobic benefit.
If you want to commit to getting fit, exercise must become a part of your life--a habit as regular as brushing your teeth. Try these ideas to help you stay on track:
*Make a log of everything you do for a week, and identify the time slots where you can fit in exercise. Did you spend a Saturday afternoon watching the Back to the Future trilogy for the fifth time? Could you manage to get up a half-hour earlier on the weekdays? Just skip an hour of television time and go to bed earlier.
*Make exercise convenient. Find a place to work out that's close to your home or office. If you're disciplined and have the space, work out at home.
*Develop relationships with supportive people. Join an exercise class or go to the gym with friends. If you skip a class, your friends will hold you accountable.
*Exercise at the right time. The "right time" is when you're most likely to do it. If you know your day often ends late or meetings come up suddenly, it's best to schedule your workout for first thing in the morning when nothing can interfere. If you're a night owl, fit your workout in before dinner. If you can only manage a 10-minute walk on your lunch hour--do it. Some exercise is better than none.
Benefits Of Exercise
Need more motivation to get fit? Consider the following benefits of exercise:
*Exercise increases your stamina and strength.
*Exercise improves your heart and lung efficiency.
*Exercise gives your body greater resistance to disease, stress, anxiety and fatigue.
*Exercise gives you more energy and enhances your capacity for work and leisure activities.
*Exercise releases hormones that stimulate the brain, helping to clear your mind, see things from a new perspective, and come up with fresh ideas.
So make an appointment with yourself to get some exercise. Your body--and your business--will thank you for it.
For a ton of free, valuable tips, tricks, and secrets visit:
© 2002-2005 Wisdom Books, LLC & Christopher Guerriero WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this blurb with it: Christopher Guerriero, is the founder of the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center and a best-selling author, speaker, and coach to millions. He is creator of the award-winning 'Maximize Your Metabolism' system. To learn more about this step-by-step program, and to sign up for FR*EE how-to articles and FREE teleseminars, visit

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Prescription for Simplicity

"Pooh," said Christopher Robin, "where did you find that pole?"
Pooh looked at the pole in his hands. "I just found it," he said. "I thought it ought to be useful, so I just picked it up."

~Pooh Book of Quotations What things have you found (or acquired) that you thought might be useful? What precious stuff is lurking on, in or under your desk, bed, closets or drawers? Consider this: If it is buried behind closed doors, under the desk or stuffed in the junk drawer, then how valuable and how useful can it be to you or anyone else? You can find extra hours in your day and extra money in your pockets simply by intensifying your simplification skills. Are you like Winnie-the-Pooh?

Do you find stuff that ought to be useful and then spend time and money just to store it, clean it, repair it, insure it and worry over it? Let me share with you some insights that I have learned along my journey of simplicity. -- Nothing in my drawers or closets got there by accident. Everything, at least on the day I brought it home, was supposed to be useful. No doubt, the acquisition was connected to an emotion, an expectation or a hope that something miraculous would happen.

Rx: I must pause to consider a compelling reason to own something before acquiring it. Will it bring joy and beauty into my life, or is it something that will require cleaning, storing, insuring, maintaining and eventually become a burden? -- In the process of cleaning out kitchen drawers, I discovered four vegetable peelers. I really like vegetables, but do I need four peelers especially when I most often use a small paring knife? Maybe I could exchange one for an apple corer.

Rx: Specialization may be just fine in medicine, but too many single-purpose gadgets take up precious space. Let's get real here! I ask myself, "Do I already have an adequate gadget? Do I really need this speciality one?" There will always be new and better products that Madison Avenue advertisers are promoting with the ultimate goal to part me from my money. I need to think twice about a speciality item! What I already own probably works just fine, so why add more stuff? -- My desire for a good deal can cloud my judgement, and I end up making too many purchases. When I see a markdown, I immediately decide I need it.

Rx: Shopping is free, but buying takes time and costs money. Items brought home require space for storage and energy to maintain. A bargain is not a real bargain if the item ends up in the back of a closet or drawer. I must consider the cost per wear or per use before I buy an item. For example, a new flashy dress for the upcoming party costs $150. If that same outfit can also be worn to next month's wedding, the annual office party, on the January cruise to the Bahamas and a special occasion in the spring, then the cost of $150 now becomes $30 per wear. This may be the bargain I am looking for!
 But, if that dress is overly flashy and can only be worn for a summer party, then the cost maybe exorbitant. -- Through the family's growing years, I gathered 'stuff' to feather the nest. Now I am taking time to scrutinize it all. Over-abundance is a waster: time-waster because I search too long for the item I want; a money-waster because I spend on items that have a long shelf life, but add little to the quality of my life; and an energy waster as I need to clean, store, insure, maintain...

Rx: Excess buries the treasures that bring me delight. It is easier to organize a few treasures than organize a whole closet full of unused stuff. I will purge and simplify first. -- Furniture is generally not a problem in simplifying my life. These are big items, and I have limited space for big objects. The difficulty is with all those innocent little things that have entered the household for emotional reasons. These are the hardest to dispose. They are the knick-knacks given to me by loving friends and relatives. They are the souvenirs from my travels. They are my children's artwork or their childhood toys. The clue that these treasures are out of control is when they bring me more grief than joy or when I need to expend too much energy to maintain them.

Rx: I will clear out what I do not use and those items that do not bring pleasure into my life. If it is just taking up space, I will consider it a candidate for recycling. -- More than three of anything constitutes a collection, and collections come with strings attached. They grow, and they are hard to part with.

Rx: I vow to stop saving more than I can manage. My goal throughout the simplification journey was to have one empty drawer and extra closet space. This lovely "emptiness" is a reminder that I have taken control over my stuff. Bareness in my storage area is an expression of how good it feels to simplify. It is Your Turn What is your goal? Do you need to sort through the storage areas of your home and office and take a close look at the purpose of everything you own? It should be useful and used on a regular basis, not stored for a someday.

It should add beauty and joy to your life, not add extra work to maintain its condition. Begin to set limits on what you put into storage. Clear your closets (drawers, desk, garage, attic and all the rooms in your home) in order to create breathing space. As a professional organizer, I find that the biggest problem most of my clients have is not that they do not have enough space, it is the fact that they have way too much stuff. Do not let your possessions begin to possess you. It is time to take control.

Judith Kirk provides hand-on and coaching in simplification and organizational mastery. She uses a holistic approach to teach life management skills and assures an immediate physical, emotional and psychological pay-off when chaos and clutter are eliminated. The impact of simplifying and organizing renews the spirit and builds confidence. Order is the foundation upon which to build inner peace, contentment and joy in life. Subscribe to FREE monthly newsletter on website

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The Courage To Change

Autumn - crisp, cool nights and warming days; vibrant reds, yellows, orange and rust; a hot cup of tea and a cozy fire; a good book and the call of Canadian geese.  These are autumn changes and they fill me with peace and joy.  As Henry David Thoreau said, "Only that day dawns to which we are awake." Wake up and look around you.  We are in the midst of change.
As I venture forth in Vermont during this time of year, I am amazed at the power of nature.  It has the ability to heal, to rest and rejuvenate, to burst forth with new growth and to change its colours.  It is the circle of life.  I ponder my own circle of life.  What changes have I made and do I have to courage to change some more?

Life is a journey, a journey to be enjoyed and I am going to embark on a journey right now.  Do you have the courage to come along?  I hope so and I hope this journey will be a catalyst of change for you and for me.
The journey of change...    Let's park the car and get out and walk.  The sun is bright and warming the day nicely.  The air is fresh.  Put on your hiking boots, as the ground is uneven and slick with the morning dew.  Grab your backpack and let's go!

Choosing a path...    Shall we go this way or that way?  Shall we choose our own path or follow someone else's footsteps?  You decide.  Some times it is easier to travel down a trail blazed and well worn.  Other times it is best to choose a new direction.  Let's stop for a moment and think about what we are seeking.  Do you want to climb the mountain and enjoy the autumn scenery from above?  Or, do you want to tread the valley along the meandering stream.  Are you looking for peace and solitude or do you need the company of fellow hikers?  Do you have the courage to choose?

Enjoy the moments...    As we tread along, we are conscious of where we place our feet.  The pathway is uneven with rocks and exposed roots that might trip us if we were not attentive.  Periodically we need to stop to take in the view.  We need to experience the harmony of nature around us.  It is a simple pleasure to watch the chipmunks scurry among the rocks, or lose our thoughts at the edge of a waterfall, or breath in the pine grove scents.

Think for a moment about your own life and your side journeys along the way.  Too often we are focused on where we are placing our feet and fail to recognize the pleasure moments.  Too often we are spending a great deal of time taking care of all our stuff, our successes, our choices from the past and forget to look around at life's treasures of the moment.  Too often we are going through each day doing things by rote without even thinking about why we are doing them.  We keep repeating old habits, getting the same results.  Too often we fail to take the time to nourish our soul.  Too often we miss opportunities.

If we did not slow the pace we would have missed the small flowers cascading over the ledges.  We would have missed the call of the birds high in the branches.  We would have missed the brilliant autumn display.  What was the point of this journey?  We need to remember that it is the process, not the destination that is important.  Do you have the courage to slow down?
The simple life...    As we journey along our chosen pathway, we begin to notice the tension deep within our bodies slowly dissipate.  We relax and breathe deeply transferring oxygen into our cells.  We feel a sense of peace and our perception of our environment changes.

Think for a moment about your daily schedule, the rat race on the highways, the pressures of success.  Feel your shoulders tightening and your breathing become shallow?  Now come back to our autumn journey and relax.  Life is simpler here.
Our journey continues and we travel through thick wooded areas.  We are glad we took a few moments to put some items into our backpacks.  It is time to pull out the sweatshirt.  It provides shelter in the coolness of the forest.

A little farther along we begin to notice light filtering through the trees.  We sit in a patch of sunlight savoring the warmth.  The sweatshirt is no longer needed.  We reach into our backpack for water and a nourishing snack.  We packed well.  We have what we need; we need what we have.
A journey of choices and changes...    As we walk along harmoniously with nature I would like to pose another question for you to ponder.  What choices and what changes could you make that would free you from anxiety.  Pick just one and try it out.  Do not rush the process.  Take it one step at a time.

When I am working with clients who have the massive goal of organizing their whole life, the first step is to understand that one small change yields huge benefits.  After all, in the autumn the leaves start to change gradually - a spot of red here and there, a blend of yellow and orange amongst the green.  Nature teaches us that gradual changes are the easiest to bear.  Do you have the courage to make small changes?

Our autumn journey has come to an end.  Your journey has just begun.  Here are a few thoughts to take along with you.
1.  Take a friend along ~ It is much easier to share the burdens and more fun to share the joys. The beauty of a rainbow is more spectacular when someone shares it with us.
2.  Organize your supplies ~ If the sun is shining you may not need the umbrella.  But do remember to take the sweatshirt, water and nourishment.  It is important to provide for your physical, emotional and mental needs.  
3.  Vary the pace ~ There is a time to hurry along and a time to slow down. Knowing when to stop is as important as when to begin.
4.  Take along a map or ask for directions ~ You do not want to tackle an unknown trail without some guidance.  Seek out tips on how to make your journey lighter and easier going.
5.  Change gradually ~ Over the years we have accumulate a lot of stuff.  Let go of one or two things at a time until you reach a place that is manageable.
6.  Take a rest ~ Brief resting along the journey will recharge your battery as well as give you an opportunity to enjoy the immediate environment.  While you are resting contemplate what your life is all about.  Gaze inward, for that is where all the answers lie.
7.  Choose the simple life ~ Simple living is simply finding and keeping adequate space and time for yourself, for those you love, for the place you live and for the work you do.
8.  Pack wisely ~ Do you have all you need?  Do you need all you have?
9.  Keep your heart light ~ Learn the value of laughter.  It makes a world of difference.
10. Do you have the courage to change?

If you are interest in more information on the attitudes of organizing, please contact me through my website ~ 
Judith Kirk provides hand-on and coaching in simplification and organizational mastery. She uses a holistic approach to teach life management skills and assures an immediate physical, emotional and psychological payoff when chaos and clutter are eliminated. The impact of simplifying and organizing renews the spirit and builds confidence.  Order is the foundation upon which to build inner peace, contentment and joy in life.  Subscribe to FREE monthly newsletter on website

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